Complete Biceps Workout

Complete Biceps Workout

Every man wants bigger biceps. It doesn’t matter if you have huge biceps already, you always want bigger. Hulk Hogan used to always proclaim he had the largest arms in the world. His biceps were reported to be 24 inches, but you can guarantee he would have loved to have had 25 inch biceps instead. More than likely you will never have 24 inch biceps. Sorry to break it to you, brother. However, you can still add good size to your arms!

There are many bicep exercises used in gyms across the globe. How many variations to a bicep curl can there be? Quite a few actually. And we want to determine the very best that produce excellent results. Whether you are doing high reps at a low weight or low reps at a high weight, these movements are some of the ultimate for putting inches on your arms.

EZ Bar Curl

Quite a few people like curling with the straight bar in the squat rack. First, this is taking up the

squat rack for a bicep exercise which is a huge no no. Second, why not use the EZ curl bar instead? It is much more comfortable than the straight bar, and with the curve of the bar it focuses more on the biceps.

Make sure your form is good with the curl bar. We all have seen too many guys doing a bit of cheating by using their body momentum to swing the EZ curl bar up.

Stay true and focused while doing this curl movement and it will pay off. The EZ bar curl is one of the best biceps blasters around.

Dumbbell Biceps Curl

This might be the number one exercise you see in the weightroom.

People are always in front of the dumbbell rack doing bicep curls with the dumbbells. It’s tough to even grab a couple dumbbells from the rack without bumping into someone performing this movement. But there is a reason for that. It works!

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are performed with dumbbells as well. But with this exercise you turn your wrists so you are holding the dumbbells like a hammer when you come up.

Out of all bicep exercises, this one might allow you to do the most weight. Some do this while standing and others perform these on a preacher curl bench. Make sure you squeeze the bicep when you come up all the way.

Cable Curls

There are a few diehard, old-time gym goers that swear off using any machines in the weightroom.

They either believe that machines don’t work the muscles as well or they have watched too many Matrix movies and think machines will someday rule the world.

In any case, you’ll be fine using gym machines as long as you aren’t only using machines. Keep those stabilizer muscles working with the free weights, too.

Cable curls can be performed in a variety of ways. Sitting down, standing up, or laying on your back, it doesn’t matter. All of these are working out your biceps, just at different angles. The rope, the normal handle, or the curved handle can all be used for cable curls.

Experiment with these types of curls. Find some that really isolate the bicep and leave you feeling pumped afterwards.

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