Military Muscle Testosterone Booster

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2021)

Military Muscle – Effective, Powerful, and Now Vegan Friendly Too!

military muscle reviews

Its rare occurrence when a product grabs my attention as much as the subject of this product review..

Called Military Muscle it is a purpose made all natural testosterone booster that is also suitable for those bodybuilders who are vegan.

With the majority of T-boosters made using animal based gelatin in their capsules, it’s a refreshing change to find a product that can be taken by anybody regardless of their dietary preference.

About Military Muscle

Military Muscle is a special product indeed, formulated to help men of all ages to boost muscle mass, boosting strength and endurance, it also helps to reduce body fat, improve energy levels and as a very welcome side effect, give sex drive and performance an enjoyable lift.

Table Of Contents

Originally developed with the help and assistance of the military and professional sportsmen, its formula boasts some impressive ingredients, all backed up with solid clinical evidence confirming their effectiveness and safety. It helps users by providing:

  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Improved Energy and Strength
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Faster Recovery
  • Improved Sexual Response and Better Erections

Who Makes Military Muscle?

Military Muscle is the brainchild of Mil-Tech Pharma, a global company with offices both in the UK (London) and the US (Houston).

Whats In The Formula Of Military Muscle?

military muscle ingredients

The makers set out to develop a safe and effective product that delvers powerful results, their formula is virtually a who’s who of proven t-boosting ingredients. Each daily serving delivers:

  • Vitamin D3 ( Cholecalciferol) 99.96 mcg
  • Vitamin A 257mcg
  • Vitamin K2 45mcg
  • Iron 12mg
  • Zinc 20mg
  • Zinc 20mg
  • Urtica Diocia ( Nettle) 360mg
  • Boron 10mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 56mg
  • Ashwagandha 600mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300mg
  • Fenugreek 500mg.

The makers have recently redeveloped the actual capsules themselves, they have removed the animal gelatin used in the capsules and now use plantcaps® – a totally vegetable/plant based capsule making the formula 100% suitable for vegans

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The Formula In More Detail

The ingredients in Military Muscle are known for their ability to boost testosterone production. Lets take a look at some of the major players:

Vitamin D3

A crucial ingredient, its sourced naturally from exposure to the sun. Clinical studies have shown that it is essential for testosterone production. The Vitamin D council has told us that to boost testosterone we need a daily take of 3230 iu per day, the dose in Military Muscle delivers a fraction under 4000iu


One of the largest ingredients by volume in the mix, this is a clinically recognised t-booster, it is also excellent at reducing the stress hormone cortisol – commonly known as the testosterone killer, keeping it as low as possible is crucial to maximum testosterone boosting.


A life essential mineral and essential for testosterone boosting, low Zinc is linked to reduced testosterone. it is also lost when we sweat during workouts. So keeping it replaced is absolutely crucial. It is responsible for fertility and healthy sperm production.


Another essential mineral, studies have shown that 10mg of Boron has a positive effect on testosterone production as well as reducing estrogen build up.

D-Aspartic Acid

The most crucial t-boosting ingredient of all. Clinical studies have shown that taking DAA can boost testosterone by as much as 42%. It works by encouraging the release of a compound called luteinizing hormone, a major precursor to Testosterone production.

How To Take Military Muscle

The daily serving is 6 capsules, separate this into three servings of two capsules. Take every serving with each meal.

What Do Users Say?

The feedback from users is over 99% positive, men of all ages have enjoyed great results with noticeable increases in muscle mass and strength along with a noticeable boost in sex drive.

sample reviews courtesy of military muscle official website:


My Own Experiences With Military Muscle

I bought a bottle of Military Muscle to try as part of my review process, here are my findings:

The first week I didn’t actually notice much effect really, maybe after about 5 days I felt that I had a little more energy.

Week 2 – I try to workout at least three times a week, and love compound lifts. I have been struggling to beat my PB, especially on dead lift and various presses. On day 9 of my trial I managed to increase my deadlift by over 10kg and a similar increase in my bench press. I was amazed!

Week 3 – I started to notice some physical gains in my muscles, they looked harder, slightly fuller and certainly more vascular. I also felt stronger too.

Week 4 – My results kept improving, and my muscles steadily grew in size and strength. On another, slightly more personal note, I found that my erections were more regular and visibly harder too.

“I loved military muscle and have just ordered another batch!”

Where To Buy Military Muscle

You can order directly from the official website, a months supply will cost you $65.00. The makers ship globally for FREE.

You can also save money buy ordering two more bottles

They also provide a 90 day cash back guarantee that provides buyers with a cash refund should after taking as directed you are unhappy with the results.


A great product, Military Muscle is a cleverly thought out and developed testosterone booster that actually works. Its probably one of the best that I have ever tried.

Whats more you do not have to be a sportsmen or in the military, its suitable for any man of any age.

“Bottom Line – If you want to boost your muscle mass, strength and energy or simply want to regain some your youthful vitality you should check out Military Muscle”

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