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(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

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Hi There, My name is Paul and I am the owner, editor and main writer for bestmusclesupps.com.

I am 58 years old, married with one daughter and currently live in the UK.

I have always been interested in health, sports, fitness and bodybuilding, as a younger man I used to swim competitively, competing throughout the UK, and across Europe too.

I was also a keen squash and tennis player, reaching a high standard in both sports.

Since I stopped swimming and playing competitively, my main love has been the gym, and still go regularly to this day.

I have a CPD accreditation in Sports Nutrition, my articles have been published in a number of media publications

I always loved the science behind bodybuilding, learning exercise techniques and studying just how the body responds to exercise.

I am also very interested in the natural side of sports supplements. 

Having seen first hand the damage that using anabolic steroids can do (I lost one of my closest friends 3 years ago due to liver failure that was attributed to his use of anabolic steroids). I am a great advocate of natural bodybuilding supplements.

I love reading clinical studies and discovering just what natural plant or herb based ingredients can do for anybody who wants to increase their strength and muscle mass, or lose unwanted body fat.

It’s amazing the claims that some unscrupulous manufacturers will make in order to try and encourage people to buy their products… 

What I have tried to do in my product reviews is to cut through the marketing hype and Bulls**t to seek out those products that really do offer the end user some real benefits without causing any adverse side effects.

I want to also introduce you to my other writers on this website:

Ryan Crawley

Ryan Crawley is a fitness expert with over 20 years in the health industry.

He also has his Masters degree in Education, and enjoys educating others on how to improve their own health and fitness while also keeping it interesting along the way.

His articles have been published in numerous sports magazines.

Ryan resides in Illinois with his medical doctor wife and two loving dogs Flair and Smoosh.

Liam Brown

A qualified personal trainer, Liam studied Bsc Sports Science at university.

He loves anything sports related, he works out, cycles, swims and regularly take part in triathlons and his favourite event- Tuff Mudder.

He particularly enjoys developing and writing both workout and nutritional programs that will suit his various clients needs.

He has had his articles published both online and in various bodybuilding magazines…

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