Boss Workouts Review

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2018)

Boss Workouts Review

Now You Can Get Ripped Or Grow Lean Muscle Mass In Just 12 Weeks With Boss Workouts

“Imagine transforming your physique from average to amazing, whatever your goals are in just 12 weeks”…. Thats the impressive claim from bodybuilding workout specialists Boss Workouts…

Recently launched into the worldwide bodybuilding community and suitable for both men and women. These are two of the most effective, dedicated and efficient online/video workout programs that we have ever come across…

Boss Workouts have joined forces with US based ‘celebrity trainer to the stars’ Jason Sani. One of Americas top fitness professionals, with over 10 years experience in the Athletics and Sports medicine industry. Known for his effective training style, he works alongside you in easy to follow video workouts to show you how you can cut fat and become ripped, or how to transform your body, building lean muscle mass in just 12 weeks..

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Want To Pack On Lean Muscle Mass?

Boss Workouts ‘Lean Mass’ Program

Helping you to pack on more muscle mass without gaining lots of body fat, enabling you to lift more weight than ever before. Finally giving you that full, balanced bodybuilder look that you can see in the mirror.

Lean Mass is a 12 week nutrition and muscle building program that comprises high quantity training videos alongside a full expert developed nutrition/diet plan. It is purpose designed to help you build a larger, stronger, leaner you.

Based on years of research and Jason’s experience, the Lean Mass workout plan will support:

  • Build Larger, Denser Muscle Mass – boosts the arms, back and legs
  • Boost Strength – Helps you to lift more weight and helps progressive improvements
  • Builds A Powerful Physique – By following the plan, you will develop a full balanced muscular frame
  • Minimal Fat Gain – Helps you not increase lean muscle mass without adding unwanted fat
  • Continuous Improvement – See Better results with every workout


There are 2 phases in Boss Workouts Lean Mass

Phase 1 – Strength Programming

The first phase focuses on building overall strength, largely using the 3 big compound lifts : Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

These compound lifts are what all top bodybuilders have focused on, they help to add mass quickly. Known for their ability to hit multiple muscle groups in one movement. They help to strengthen your body’s supportive tissues alongside the central nervous system.

Compound lifts also encourage the body to release more key muscle building hormones including HGH (Human growth hormone). This is essential to building real muscle mass. Many other exercises will not generate this sort of muscle response that these 3 compound movements will provide.

The first phase involves using fast, explosive positive movements with slower, controlled negatives. They are quite lengthy stages, but if you follow the program, you will already be looking and feeling larger and stronger, so you are ready for stage 2.

Phase 2 – High Volume and Hypertrophy workouts

Phase 2 concentrates largely on performing lighter weight, but high volume exercises. This helps to boost muscle hypertrophy – the breakdown and development of new muscle fibres. This is the stage when your muscles really start to grow.

This phase is also all about form, being able to perform the exercises correctly, achieving a full range of motion and giving hard squeezes at the top of each movement.

Most muscle building programs simply focus on building muscle, but very little else.

Phase 2 of Boss Workouts Lean Mass will ( if followed correctly) ensure that you build the perfect balance of size, shape and strength to give you that perfect look.

It helps you to choose the right level of weight to help you build real muscle mass. The system takes you to the point of failure with the last two reps of every set, sounds hard, but if you are not doing that, your body will not be repairing and adding the muscle fibres crucial to increasing muscle mass..

The Lean Mass workout is also supplied with some in-depth nutritional diet plans to suit all (even vegetarians and vegans) alongside a weekly workout journal to document and track your results.

How Much Is Boss Workouts Lean Mass Program

The program costs a one off payment of just $ 90.00 (£66.50).  Compare this to the high cost of paying a personal trainer for 4 days per week for 12 weeks and you will understand the great value that this offers. This gives you unlimited lifetime access to 100% exclusive content, that easily followed wherever you are, using your computer, tablet or smart phone

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Want To Lose Unwanted Body Fat And Get Ripped?

Boss Workouts Boss ‘Shred’ Program

A complete 12 week fat loss program that supports:

  • Maintain reduced fat levels all year round – used by celebrities and professionals to ensure that they look ‘ripped’ all year long
  • Provides you with the ultimate lean physique – helps you carve out your arms, back, abs and legs to get and keep looking shredded
  • Fast track body transformation – helps you to drastically reduce body fat in just 12 weeks
  • Keep Improving – A specially developed nutritional plan helps you eat healthy food, helping you to look and feel good without having to stare yourself
  • The Latest In Fat Loss Science – No constant running on a treadmill, this uses the latest techniques to help you burn that fat.


There Are 2 phases in Boss Shred :

The program is delivered in 2 week long phases, that are repeatedly cycled, each time ramping up the intensity to ensure maximum results. Each phase comprises 4 workouts each, all designed to push your body into and stay in fat burning mode

The workouts use the following:

High Intensity Resistance training (HIRT) – essential for fat loss, they involve short bursts of intense exercise that push you to your limit.. HIRT is great at burning lost of stored fat

Full Body Workouts – Boost metabolism and along with it the natural fat burning processes by working all muscle groups in the body.. concentrating on the fast twitch muscle fibres that are essential for high intensity exercises like sprinting . This helps to increase your natural EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which increases metabolism for up to 36 hours after exercise

Focus Days – these days tend to concentrate less on fat burning and more with the general toning of your physique, buy concentrating on the slow twitch muscle fibres ( the ones used for endurance).. jason will train you to squeeze the muscle, allowing it to work from all angles helping you to develop that balanced look.

Optional High Intensity Training Days – If you really want to get lean quick – maybe for  an event or completion, you can build in these two extra days of ultra high intensity exercise – these are not for the faint hearted and ideally shouldn’t be followed until you have done at least a couple of weeks on the program

Optional Intensity State Cardio Workout (LISS) an alternative way of training your fast twitch muscle fibres, similar to the HIRT workout above but a  different delivery ensures that the muscles are worked differently, allowing metabolism and along with it, fat burning to increase dramatically..

This program also comes with a weekly journal, that helps you keep track of your progress, it also comes complete with a detailed nutritional/diet plan to suit all..

How Much Does The Boss Shred Program Cost

The Boss Shred program costs £66.50 ($ 90.00) the payment is a one off payment that lasts a lifetime, with unlimited, easy to follow access to the 100% exclusive content from any portable or desktop device.

Compared to the cost of hiring a professional personal trainer for 4 days a week for 12 weeks, this is great value – a steal in fact..

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