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Helping You To Lose Weight, Get Fit And Build Larger, Stronger Muscles

We all go to the gym for different reasons, for some of us, it’s just to simply boost our fitness.

The majority of women workout regularly because they want to lose weight, tone, and reshape their bodies.

Most men tend to go because they want to lose weight, and increase their muscle size and strength.

Whatever your aims or goals, the use of the right supplement can have a dramatic effect on your results.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the various types of supplements available as well as reviews of key products along with our recommendations and suggestions.

Losing Weight With Fat Burners


Fat burning supplements play a massive part in cutting fat from your body. Aside from the obvious health benefits, it boosts self confidence, body image and enables you to showcase those hard earned muscles. But beware, there are hundreds, if not thousands of products out there that make some bold promises, but the sad fact is that many do not deliver the results that you are looking for.

From my intensive research, I have compiled a list of some key fat burning products that offer the best results, using clinically approved formulas, and also protect the user by offering lengthy cash back guarantees.

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Pre-Workout Supplements


A good pre workout supplement can pay dividends by the fact that it can provide a useful boost to energy levels when taken just before a workout session. Available in both pill form and the more common powder form which is generally mixed with water or milk and then drunk before or during a workout.

These products generally contain essential amino acids, creatine and stimulants that boost blood flow, and increase the bodies metabolism. This provides you with increased energy reserves that help you power through even the toughest workout.

I have reviewed and listed many of the more effective preworkout products available. From my research have put those that I feel are the best products in a list ranked by their effectiveness, user results, alongside other factors including taste and mixability (powders)

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Testosterone Boosters


Testosterone is what makes a man, its responsible for many aspects of his manliness including muscle size, strength, body hair, voice, sex drive, and his moods.

A good testosterone booster should form the cornerstone of a bodybuilders supplement regime. The use of a good T-boosting product can dramatically boost muscle growth, increase strength and can also help reduce body fat. They are also useful for giving sex drive a boost too – a very welcome bonus.

As with fat burners, there are thousands of products out there, most promising complete body transformations. Sadly the majority use weak, cheap formulas that fail to deliver on their often over hyped claims.

I have reviewed many T-boosters over the past 5 years and from my research have compiled a list of those products that I have found to deliver good results, alongside approved formulas and lengthy cash back guarantees.

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Nootropics – Boosts Focus And Concentration


If you have ever struggled to concentrate on your workouts, maybe the general noise, chatter and music in the gym puts you off and you lose focus. Then a Nootropic supplement might be the key to your success.

Nootropic supplements are naturally formulated products that have been developed and designed to help boost general brain function, alertness and focus.

They boost flow throughout the brain, encouraging the brain cells, and neurons to work at their optimum capacity. This helps to boost the users concentration, memory and focus. They also help reduce stress and anxiety.

These products are very popular in other walks of life, used by top flying business executives, doctors, the military and students, it’s only recently that sportspeople have recognised the benefits of a good nootropic, with a positive mental attitude being crucial to success in many sports.

As with many other products, there are good and bad ones out there, so using the same criteria as our other product lists , I have prepared a list of the nootropic supplements that I believe are the very best out there.

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Unsure About Workouts Or Where To Start?


Check out my guide to workouts, in the sidebar (at the bottom if you are reading this on a mobile) you will find a list of various workouts and exercise guides based on your experience, requirements and goals.

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