How To Build Tremendous Triceps

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)

How To Build Tremendous Triceps

For those of you that want monstrous, toned upper arms, here is a little secret. Triceps make up about seventy percent of your upper arm mass. If you aren’t great at math, that means biceps only make up about thirty percent of your upper arm mass. Too many people focus on mostly biceps, though, during their arm workouts. If you want sleeve popping arms, step up your triceps training!

Triceps are used in quite a few of the most popular gym exercises. Your bench press will be weak without strong tris. If you have weak triceps, forget about lifting anything substantial over your head as well. Every press movement involves triceps. If your triceps are underdeveloped, the rest of your body probably is, too. Let’s look at some of the best, mass building triceps exercises out there so you can actually wear a sleeveless shirt sometime in the near future!


One of the very best movements to do for substantial triceps. You are lifting your entire body weight while your stabilizer muscles are firing away trying to keep you steady. You don’t need a spotter for this exercise, so keep going until you can’t do anymore. Then do a couple more sets after that. Building big arms isn’t easy.

If you are to the point where you are doing 40 to 50 dips in one set, change it up a bit and add some more weight. You might have seen some guys at the gym attaching chains and weight plates to themselves while doing dips. Before you try this yourself, ask someone that has experience. You don’t want to end up on a YouTube video breaking your neck because you didn’t know how to attach the extra weight correctly. It would probably get a lot of views though.

Close-Grip Bench Press

By placing your hands closer together while doing the bench press, your triceps have to work much harder. Of course, you will have to be doing a lighter weight than your normal bench press because of this handgrip. These type of exercises are activating more muscles in your upper body than simply using a machine that only isolates your triceps. There are a number of machines in the gym that focus entirely on tris, but I’d rather do more multi-joint movements that work a few muscles at once. This close-grip bench press is involving your chest and your shoulders a bit, but it is really hitting your triceps. After awhile, you may notice that your normal bench press has improved because of this exercise.

Barbell Skullcrushers

The long head of the tricep is best activated when your arms are raised and doing some sort of movement. Skullcrushers can be done lying down on a flat bench, an inclined bench, a decline bench, on a cable machine, and a few other variations. I must confess, though, my favorite skullcrusher is the standing skullcrusher.

More than a few of my training partners do not like the standing skullcrusher because they say it hurts their elbows. But for me, there is no pain at all while doing these, and out of all tricep exercises, I like this one the best. After doing a few sets of these, I can definitely feel it in my traps, a bit in my shoulders, and my tris. You’ll have the always coveted horseshoe triceps in no time if you stick with these exercises during your training!


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