Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-Workout

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2018)

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-Workout

Are You Ready For High Intensity Training? How To Get Your Muscles Primed For Action!!

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout is one of the flagship products made by UK based Performance Lab. 

performance lab sport pre-workout reviews

Developed to help keen athletes, bodybuilders and every day gym goers like you and me to maximise their fitness and training regimes by improving muscle power, boosting blood flow to the muscles and increasing endurance levels.

Supporting body hydration and the effects of growth hormones, this product will help prime your muscles, getting them ready for intense exercise.

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout works in 3 ways to help ready your body for the vigours and stress of an intensive workout.

Enhances Muscle Strength – Increases aerobic and anaerobic performance by maximising ATP cell energy – the powerhouse behind muscle performance

Increases Nitric Oxide – by relaxing and dilating blood vessels, increased amount of blood flows through the veins, clearing toxins and providing muscle cells with increased nutrient rich oxygen.

Reduces The Effects Of Lactic Acid – By optimising oxygen utilisation and maintaining muscle hydration, the effects of lactic acid build up are reduced, allowing you to exercise for longer 

The Formula In Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout

performance lab sport pre-workout ingredients

Its clear that Performance Lab have done their research when formulating this product. What you are getting is a powerful, yet safe and effective blend of proven energy boosters that will take your workouts to the next level.

Each serving contains:

Creatine (Creapure® pH10) 1000mg


Creatine is every bodybuilders friend, it is an organic compound found in muscles, it helps produce ATP energy which powers muscle contractions. Its well known that high energy training and heavy lifting depletes ATP quickly. 

The creatine in  Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout helps to restore levels in the muscles, recharging the ATP molecules, and ensuring that energy levels are maintained. 

It also help to buffer the lactic acid forming intracellular hydrogen ions that reduce muscle performance.

Creapure® pH10 is a 99.5% pure form of creatine monohydrate. It is known for its bioavailability and its ability to reduce the bloating commonly caused by other forms of creatine

L-Citrulline 500mg


An amino acid that works by releasing L-arginine in the blood. this helps to relax the blood vessels, and increase the flow of oxygen rich blood to the muscles. 

This helps reduce oxidative stress as well as the effects of ammonia build up in the muscle tissue. At the same time boosting energy and performance.

L-Citrulline has also been shown to help to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness after intense workouts.

L-Citrulline also works alongside the Crepure® pH10 and helps to boost creatine synthesis.

Cordyceps Super 750mg


Cordyceps is a natural fungus, found in Asia, it is commonly used as a restorative and revitalising tonic. 

It has proven its ability to help reduce fatigue and stimulate ATP energy production.

It also helps to reduce the effects of free radicals (every day toxins) that can disrupt and harm cellular function.

L-Glutamine ( Ajinomoto®) 250mg


The most common amino acid in the body, particularly in the muscles. It plays key role in promoting protein metabolism and helps carry nitrogen to the muscles to help boost needy, growth and cellular repair.

It helps to increase levels of bicarbonate, an alkalising agent that reduces lactic acid in muscle tissues. Boosts production of growth hormone to make a potent antioxidant called glutathione. This fights the immune challenges that often comes with over training.

Also helps guard against muscle atrophy

The L-Glutamine in Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout is made by Ajinomot® the worlds oldest and leading amino acid manufacturer.

L-Carnosine (N-beta-alanyl-histidine) 300mg


A dipeptide molecule that is most commonly found in muscle twitch fibres. Found in higher levels in athletes who are anaerobic ( sprinters and bodybuilders). L-Carnosine helps protect muscles in 3 ways:

Neutralise oxidative damage caused by free radicals during intensive exercise.

Inhibits the protein damaging effects of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs).

It also buffers the effects of muscle damaging acids by acting as a muscle alkalising intracellular pH regulator. Reduces the effects of lactic acid build up, allowing for extended period of exercise before failure.

Himalayan Pink Salt 350mg

himalayan pink salt

Salt plays a crucial role in a pre-workout supplement. It helps to maintain a normal sate of hydration by restoring key electrolytes that are lost during sweating.

It also helps optimise and boost the effects of the other key amino acids in the formula of Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout

The Himalayan pink salt used is 100% natural, unprocessed and contains sodium chloride alongside magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract 100mg

maritime pine bark extract

Delivers powerful antioxidants in the form of proanthocyanidins to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation caused by intense workouts.

It is also crucial to the real of nitric oxide into the blood to boost blood for and the delivery of essential nutrients to the muscle cells.

The Maritime pine bark extract used in Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout is the highest potency extract available anywhere, delivering 95% proanthocyanidins

How To Take Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout

The daily serving is 4 capsules taken 30-40 minutes before working out

What Do Users Say About Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout

Although there isn’t a lot of independent feedback out there just yet, we did speak to some of the guys who were involved in the trials and development of this product. 

They all agreed that: 

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout delivers superior energy and longer lasting benefits than virtually any other pre-workout.

There is a good reason for this – unlike so many pre-workout products that rely on high levels of stimulants to provide a fast acting but very short lived energy boost. 

The formula in Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout, works naturally to steadily boost and sustain energy for longer periods of time. 

Whats more you do not get the all too common and some would say unpleasant ‘crash’ as the effects where off ( so common in products that simply rely on caffeine).

WE have tried the product ourselves and confide that although the effects take a bit longer to show, they definitely last a whole lot longer. usually we are done for after about 50 minutes of hard exercise.  After taking Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout, we managed an extra 30 minutes in the gym before tiring.

Where To Buy Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout

performance lab® website

You can buy direct from the performance lab website. 

Here a months supply will cost you $45.00. (£35) The makers also offer discounts for buying larger quantities, along with fast worldwide shipping and a 30 day cash back guarantee.

You can save up to 10% by ordering 3 bottles.

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout stacks well with all the other products in the performance lab range – why not couple it up with their post workout supplement too – helps to reduce inflammation and speed recovery after a gruelling exercise session.

Our Thoughts On Performance Lab® SPORT Pre-workout

With so many pre-workout supplements being sold in hard to mix, sometimes unpleasant tasting drinks that bloat your stomach, its refreshing to find a powerful and effective pill based alternative that doesn’t rely on caffeine.

Performance Lab are a respected manufacturer who clearly understand the human body and who have carried out a great deal of research to deliver what it a top class pre-workout product that deserves its place in your gym bag.

100% recommended

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