Xcore Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60 Fat Burner Review

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2017)

Xcore Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60 Fat Burner Review

Can Xcore Nutrition’s Fat Burner Really Deliver Great Results?

Popular throughout Europe is a thermogenic fat burner made by supplement manufacturers Xcore Nutrition..called Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60 it promises to boost metabolic rate, reduce water retention and suppress appetite, all with the ultimate goal of helping users reduce body fat..

The Formula In Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60

The formula is fully disclosed.. the makers are happy to disclose both the actual ingredients and also (more importantly the amounts of each per serving (too many manufacturers prefer to keep this information to themselves)

Each Serving Contains:

  • Caffeine 480mg
  • L-Tyrosine 300mg
  • Green Tea Extract 200mg
  • Selenium 100mcg
  • Ginger Extract 40mg
  • Dandelion 300mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia 120mg
  • Pepper 20mg
  • Bioperine 10mg

Directions For Taking Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60

To start the makers suggest that you take 1 capsule in the morning before breakfast and a second during the afternoon..this is to assess your tolerance to the high levels of stimulants in the mix.. If you do not suffer any ill effects, you can double this to 4 capsules per day..

Do not take within 2-3 hours of going to bed as this could cause problems sleeping

Users Feedback

There is not much by way of independent feedback available on line… even Amazon has no reviews which is unusual.

We will continue to monitor this and if any feedback surfaces, we will post the details here.

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no reports of any side effects direct linked to Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60 , but we have to say that anybody with an intolerance to stimulants could well suffer from problems such as anxiety, the shakes, headaches, palpitations and problems sleeping..

Where To Buy Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60 

It is available from Amazon, Prozi and other popular supplement suppliers… a bottle containing just 15 daily servings at full dose is sold for €20.99 ($23.65)

Any Cash Back Guarantee

There does not appear to be any guarantees offered.

Our Thoughts

With the distinct lack of users feedback, we always turn to the formula to ascertain just how good ( or bad) any supplement could be… We have to say that Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60 does contain some proven fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients… for us however, we feel that the makers have relied too much on stimulants… this formula is really high in caffeine and the like that will without a doubt generate a short lived energy boost and as a direct effect help to trigger fat burning, but the accompanying energy crash that tends to follow these sorts of products can be unpleasant for some….

To Sum Up…. Xcess Ultra Concentrate 60 will, without any doubt, boost your energy and help you burn some extra fat.. but its effects can be detrimental to anybody who cannot tolerate large doses of stimulants.. if you have any issues with strong coffee as an example, we recommend that you avoid this product as it could make you feel unwell..

Will Suit Some Users – But Not Everybody Will Benefit..

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