What Is The Best Way To Take A Preworkout Supplement

What Is The Best Way To Take A Preworkout Supplement??

Your Choice  – Pill Or Powder

Does it make a difference – many bodybuilders are probably asking themselves this question when deciding on the right supplement for them..

Pre-workout supplements are fast becoming a valuable part of the workout regime..

This question is best answered with a ‘what suits the individual best’  –  there’s good and bad with both pills and powders..  whey protein powder - two scoops

The Pro’s For Powders

  • They can work faster than pills
  • Powders often give larger quantities per serving of ingredients
  • They can be mixed with water, juice or even milk, whatever the user prefers
  • A varied choice of flavours
  • Helps hydration


  • Inconvenient for some having to measure the powder and mix before drinking
  • Could in some cases cause attacks of wind and possible bloating..
  • Taste not always pleasant
  • Not easy to store as some containers take up a lot of room
  • Tend to cost more than pills
  • Having to wash bottles and scoops frequently

The Pro’s For Pills

  • Storing and convenient to takepre-workout-pills-300x200
  • Most are less expensive that powders
  • Can be taken anywhere
  • Bottles easy to carry in gym bag
  • Very rarely leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste
  • Less like to cause an energy ‘crash’
  • Tend to give longer lasting effects (due to a steadier slower release of nutrients)


  • You may need to take a larger number of pills to get the maximum from the nutrients
  • They can cause stomach upsets in some users
  • You need to drink plenty of water to help absorb the supplement
  • If you are taking other pill based supplements, it can greatly increase your consumption of pills per day – some pre workout pills can require you to take 6 or even more per day to give effective results – that works out to a lot of pills in one day..

Its pretty equal on all counts we would say – good and bad points for both..

Our Choice

We feel that weighing everything up..  for us – Pills have the edge, they are easier and more convenient, and you can find some highlyeffective products that require only 1 or 2 pills per dose..

Always remember the golden rule – Do your research so that you get the best supplement at the best price for you..

Remember that ingredients make or break a product, make sure the formula is clearly stated and fully disclosed..  you do not want to buy a product that could potentially be a complete waste of your time and money..

Products that come with a full cash back guarantee (there are some on the market) are definitely a better choice.. they give you the peace of mind that the maker has faith in their product and if the results are not forthcoming then nothing lost – money is refunded..

Choosing a product with absolutely no guarantees is a risk you might be wise not to take…

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