What Are Pre-Workout Supplements

Why Use Pre-Workout Supplements 

Adding a boost to your workout can pay dividends when it comes to getting lean, ripped and fat free. Designed to help improve focus, energy and endurance when working out, pre-workout supplements can give you the extra motivation to make an everyday session truly intense by boosting your body’s natural abilities. These supplements are often taken in powder form.

Pre-workout supplements help to boost energy, stamina and increase the abilityMan-taking-a-pre-workout2 to build both strength and muscle. There’s a plethora of different supplements out there, ranging from stimulants and fat burners to muscle builders, so it’s important that you equip yourself with the right information and know what benefit you’re looking for.

Common Ingredients

There are a number of common key ingredients in most pre-workout supplements. Creatine, caffeine, and nitric oxide all help to increase the body’s energy and strength – they do this by creating excess energy modules, reducing the feeling of effort while training (so you can do more), and dilating blood vessels so oxygen flow increases.

Beta alanine is another important component – this acts as a buffer in muscle tissue and combats the effect of lactic acid. Amino acids target muscle growth, while L-arginine increases blood flow to and from the muscles, decreasing rest times and fatigue.

Pre-work out supplements also provide super-charged energy to really maximise your workouts. The formulas in these compounds tend to centre on caffeine and synephrine, a stimulant that has a similar effect to caffeine, but without the jitters.

Just Be Careful

1274369205_top-10-post-workout-body-cravings_flashA word of caution, though – some pre-workout supplements contain high amounts of stimulants, and it’s crucial that you consider your own tolerance to stimulants where choosing a pre-workout supplement…..

While generally tolerated by the body, in isolated cases these ingredients can bring on adverse effects. Caffeine has been known to cause jittering, anxiety and diarrhea in some people – as a guide, if you can drink coffee and don’t have any issues, you should be fine

Creatine also comes with a number of short-term side effects, including muscle cramps, dehydration, an upset stomach and diarrhea, although these can mostly be avoided by drinking lots of water.

If you ever feel sluggish before a workout, these supplements could be a great option for you. With new products constantly coming on to the market, however, it’s essential that you do the right new due diligence and know exactly what you’re looking for in a supplement.

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