Universal Nutrition Animal Test Review

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2015)

Animal Test Reviewed

One of the best known supplement manufacturers in the business; Universal Nutrition make a naturally formulated testosterone booster called Animal Test.image_24483_original_X_450_white

Developed to help men build strength and increase muscle mass – Any product made by Universal usually delivers..

The Animal Test Formula

Universal do have a solid track record, with this product they appear to have picked every known testosterone boosting ingredient and thrown it into the mix. – see label shown below.

The formula is made up of many common ingredients but one ingredient does catch the eye – Arachidonic acid which doesn’t appear in any other product that we have reviewed. This is believed to benefit hardened body builders and can enhance androgen receptors along with providing increased muscle inflammation and hypertrophy

Arachidonic acid is in a nut shell, an essential fatty acid that helps trigger muscle growth –

This is a very expensive ingredient that makes Animal Test one of, if not the most expensive Testosterone booster available to buy.


Take just once a day before food (preferably the meal before workout)

Cycle for 42 days on then take 28 days off before repeating.

Users Feedback

Most users report amazing results from using Animal Test – The only thing that really bothers most users is that the pack only contains enough for half a cycle, this makes it really expensive to use consistently.

Any Side Effects

Some users report a drop in sex drive (which for a testosterone booster is actually unusual) the only real major concern is the inclusion of Yohimbe Bark in the ingredient list

This has been banned in some countries for its well documented health risks so it does cause concern..

Any Guarantees

Despite its high price, there are no guarantees offered by the manufacturer

Where To Buy Animal Test

Available online from numerous sources  –  a good example is Body Building.com who currently sell for $ 64.98 which is quite a saving on the usual price of $99.99 for half a cycle

Top Three Testosterone Boosters

Until recently, Animal Test would have been a guaranteed top three contender, its just that other products have now become available that offer similar results at more affordable prices

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