True GRIT Test Booster Review

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2016)

True GRIT Test Booster Review

Can This Boost Testosterone and Increase Your Muscle Mass?

If you know anything about keeping fit and working out, then you won’t need us  to tell you about the beast that is testosterone.

This hormone plays an unparalleled role in supporting the creation and maintenance of muscle mass, so it’s unsurprising that testosterone boosting supplements are the got-to for people looking to whip their bodies into shape.image_prodprod2910010_largeImage_X_450_white

If you’re looking to get as much s possible from your workouts, you might be interested in hearing more about True GRIT Test Booster. This product claims to work in synergy with the body to raise testosterone levels naturally, thanks to a combination of powerful natural ingredients.

As well as ensuring the body is well supplied with testosterone, this product also promises to decrease the body’s cortisol to testosterone ratio – this helps the body maintain andanabolic state and maintain high testosterone levels.

What’s more, this booster also promises to increase the body’s levels of free testosterone and lower estradiol, the female sex hormone – and all within seven days!

So does the product live up to its claims? Let’s put it to the test (see what we did there?)

True GRIT Test Booster’s formula

The manufacturer is fully transparent when it comes to Test Booster’s formula, and is quick to point out that it doesn’t contain any proprietary blends. Its description of the merits of the below ingredients, however, is a little vague, and leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Fenugreek extract (300mg)
  • Broccoli (250mg)
  • Ashwagandha (125mg)
  • Shilajit extract (100mg)
  • Boron citrate (100mg)
  • Safed musli extract (50mg)
  • Bladderwreck extract (50mg)
  • Yacon root (50mg)
  • Zinc (15mg)

TEST_BOOSTER_by_True_GRIT_at_Bodybuilding_com_-_Best_Prices_on_TEST_BOOSTER_How to take True GRIT Test Booster

Take one serving of two tablets twice a day – one in the morning and one mid-afternoon. The second dose is best taken half an hour before working out. Never take more than two servings of GRIT Test Booster in any 24 hour period.

User Feedback

Bit of a mixed bag on the review front..True GRIT Test Booster appears to have helped some users who have hit plateaus when working out, and there are strong reports all round of being able to shift much greater weight and manager stronger, longer pumps. This is because this test booster can help by giving some people the extra push to go further and smash through gym workouts. In fact, this seems to be its main selling point.

Improved general feelings of fitness of wellbeing are often mentioned, as well as improved sex drive and stamina. Quite a few testimonials also state that the product is easy and pleasant to take compared to other alternatives.

Its Not All Good News Though... A Lot of people are not impressed with this test booster at all, even claiming that it’s the worst one available. What’s more, some people report unpleasant side effects including acne and feelings of aggression when using this product.

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Where To Buy True GRIT Test Booster

You can buy this testosterone supplement exclusively from, where it costs $29.99.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There’s no mention of any kind of money-back guarantee being attached to this product.

Our Thoughts

On paper, True Grit certainly makes a lot of promises.. sadly as far as we and our research is concerned, it doesn’t live up to the manufacturers promises and marketing hype… sure it contains the proven t- boosting ingredients of Fenugreek, Zinc and Boron, which could account for some of the positive reviews surrounding this product…some of the other ingredients are not that promising.. take Shilajit for instance, to date it has only been subjected to one or two human studies and the results so far have only indicated some mild increases in testosterone in infertile men… healthy fit men have not seen any affects whatsoever…

Ashwagandha is another ingredients that has shown promise, but it also has a reported side effect of causing burning and redness to the penis… something that we are sure that most men would want to avoid….

Overall, we find that True Grit promises so much, but actually delivers very little.. our suggestion…. Look Elsewhere..

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