Testoturbo X3 Review

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2016)

Testoturbo X3 Review

Impressive Formula, But Does Testoturbo X3 Live Up To Its Promises?

Testoturbo X3 is a natural testosterone booster made and sold by Explicit Nutrition… It contains an extensive 19 ingredient formula that promises to help users:

  • Increase Strength and Muscle Masstestoturbo3_1024x1024
  • Sharpen Concentration and Focus
  • Boost Recovery and Performance
  • Improve Sex Drive
  • Reduce Unwanted Body Fat.

The Ingredients In Testoturbo X3

As we may have said before in other reviews, Ingredients are crucial when looking at a supplement and assessing its effectiveness… too many products use untried or untested ingredients, or hide the amounts of each ingredient behind undisclosed “proprietary blends, or complexes”.

The guys behind Testoturbo X3 fully disclose their formula and its quite a lengthy and impressive list:

Supplementsfacts1Directions For Use

The daily dose is 5 capsules per day… the makers suggest taking all at once before breakfast, but we know of users that spread them throughout the day with no issues.

Users Feedback

Reviews are largely positive with many men reporting good things after using Testoturbo X3

Reports of increased energy, better pumps in the gym along with improved sleep and sex drive, all confirm the manufacturers claims..


Any Reported Side Effects

No problems reported – a few users noticed a slight increase in back acne, but that is a classic sign of increased testosterone production

Where To Buy

Currently the only place to get your hands on Testoturbo X3 is by ordering direct from the official website.. a months supply will cost you $49.95 ( for UK buyers this works out at £31.86)

Fully Guaranteed

The makers do provide a 90 day cash back guarantee on all orders – see website for full terms and conditions

Our Thoughts

29th July 2016

We have just discovered that Testturbo X3 is no longer available…. instead please click the link below to discover the 3 supplements that we feel are the best t-boosters around today

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