Testosyn Review

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2016)

Testosyn Review

Shows Promise, But Does Testosyn Really Deliver The Goods?

US based supplement manufacturer XPI Supplements are the guys behind Testosyn; a naturally formulated testosterone booster that looks ( on paper at least) if it really could deliver some good T-boosting results… Intrigues by its claims, we set out to find out everything that we could about this product, and determine exactly what it can do for anybody looking to build muscle mass and banner-bottlestrength…

The Formula In Testosyn

The makers make a very big deal about their formula… fair play to them, they do fully disclose both the ingredients and the amount thereof in each dose…. at least they do not hide behind the all too common ‘proprietary blend or matrix’ so commonly used by many supplement manufacturers.

Each and every serving of Testosyn delivers the following:

  • D-Aspartic Acid 1560mg
  • Fenugreek Extract 300mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 300mg
  • Horny Goat Weed 100mg
  • Maca 100mg
  • Eurycoma Longifolia 100mg
  • Boron 5mg
  • Bioperine 5mg

Directions For Use

bottle-suppfactTake 6 capsules daily ( 3 twice a day with water)

Users Feedback

As you would expect the official website is packed full of success stories, but taking a look away from the manufacturers website at more independent reviews certainly gives us a clearer view of the picture,

There are of course a number of guys who rave about Testosyn, but their comments are more than matched by other guys who failed to see any effect at all, some also reported feeling quite sick on the supplement..

It certainly looks like it might work for some, but not others… so the jury is still out on this one..

sample reviews courtesy of amazon


Any Reported Side Effects

A couple of users did say that they felt rather nauseous while taking this product, but in the main, there are very few reports of anyone suffering an ill effects..

Where To Buy Testosyn

You can buy direct from the manufacturers at testosyn.com, other popular sources include our old favourite Amazon..prices start at $59.95 plus shipping starting at $5.95 for a bottle containing 30 days supply

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

When buying direct,the makers do offer a 90 day cash back guarantee that applies to the first open bottle and any other unused bottles.. They do not refund shipping costs and also add a handling charge so do not expect all your money back..

Our Thoughts

With a mixed bag of reviews we always take a good in depth look at the formula as this is the best way to determine any products potential….

The formula does indeed contain 3 well known testosterone boosting compounds… D-aspartic acid, Boron and Fenugreek are recognised for their t-boosting abilities… (although the actual amount of DAA in Testosyn is much lower than our top rated product) with regard to the other ingredients, the picture is actually rather disappointing…

Tribulus Terrestris can be found in around 80% of all t-boosters out there, but the sad fact is that it has failed in each and every clinical trial to provide even a hint of a boost to testosterone.. quite frankly it does not work – Period….

What it can do however is provide a boost to libido and sexual response, so if that it a concern to you than this could offer some benefits.

The same can be said for both Horny Goat Weed and Eurycoma.. both have some excellent libido boosting properties, but their clinically proven testosterone boosting abilities are to be blunt – minimal if at all

Maca has also been clinically tested and although it can have a positive effect on libido, again like some of the others in the mix, it does not directly influence testosterone production at all..

We are not saying that Testosyn is a bad product.. far from it.. its just that as an actual t-booster its not as well formulated as some of our top rated products… if you need a boost to your libido, then it’s definitely worth trying, If you want to boost your muscle mass, strength and overall results in the gym, our recommendation is look elsewhere..

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