Testalensis 100 Review

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Testalensis 100 Review

Does Testalensis 100 Make The Grade? 

Devised and developed by leading supplement manufacturers APS Nutrition, Testalensis 100 claims to come to the rescue of flailing testosterone levels with its standardized 100:1 extract of Bulbine Natalensis to fight estrogen levels, increase HGH and accelerate the muscle growth process. In fact, it claims to be the only supplement on the market offering this ingredient in such potent quantities. Impressive? – maybe…

Testalensis claims to help spearhead:

  • Dramatic improvements in testosterone levels
  • Huge increases in muscle mass
  • Big surges in energy
  • Noticeable reductions in estrogen levels
  • The ability to lift much more in the gym.

Manufacturer’s claims aside, let’s see if it makes the grade in reality.

The Testalensis 100 Formula

It’s partial good news here – the manufacturer is happy to tell us the names of each ingredient in their formula, but unfortunately they don’t reveal the quantities of each ingredient so its hard to know just how effective it’s likely to be (or not).

Here’s what’s included:

3.4-divanilytetrahydrofuran, bulbine natalensis, turine, mucuna pruriens extract, magnesium citrate, fenugreek seed extract, tribulus terrestris extract, eurycoma longifolia extract, niacin, zinc gluconate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, grape extract, flavours, sweetners, anti-caking agent, colour.

Directions For Use

Take two capsules 1-2 times each day, 8-12 hours apart and always on an empty stomach – basically when you wake up and before you go to bed. Pretty easy to remember!

User Reviews

Unfortunately user reviews are very thin on the ground here, which is a never a reassuring sign for us!

We’ve come across a couple of solid five star reviews citing good improvements to energy levels and, subsequently, decent gains in muscle mass, and a few reviews reporting poor results… the fact is there’s not really enough to go on at this stage.

Reported Side Effects

There’s nothing to report here as of yet.

Where To Buy Testalensis 100

Amazon is a good bet here, alongside MrSupplement[dot]com and Astronutrition[dot]com. These are all reputable manufacturers, which is a good sign. 60 serves will cost you between $64.90 and $74.99.

Cashback Guarantee

There’s no sign of a money-back guarantee here offered by the manufacturer itself here, although individual retailers may have their own refund policies.

Our Thoughts

We are not fans of manufacturers who prefer to hide the full details of their formula, its almost if they have something to hide… With a lack of independent feedback, we always look at the formula in depth as its the best way of ascertaining a products potential.

One of its key ingredients is Bulbine Natalensis – often found in supplements under the name Prolensis, it has virtually no human testing behind it, although it has been tested on rats quite extensively. These animal studies did indicate a great potential for boosting testosterone, but (and its a big but) it also showed a possible toxicity towards the liver and kidney… Despite its encouraging results, we personally have a real problem taking anything with a potential to cause bodily harm..and would not consider taking any product containing Bulbine until some solid human testing has been carried out.

Another key ingredient in the mix is Tribulus Terrestris, now its libido boosting effects are well known, but in numerous clinical trials looking into its testosterone boosting properties, it has failed on all counts – As A T-booster it does not work..

It is good to see the ZMA combination of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), plus the inclusion of Fenugreek, as these (when taken in the right amounts) can have a positive effect on testosterone production, but with Testalensis 100 we simply do not know how much is in the mix.

To Sum Up – Testalensis 100 appears to lend itself towards (if anything) boosting libido and possibly energy levels, however as a direct muscle building testosterone booster it is (we feel) poorly and weakly formulated and is likely to leave users feeling rather disappointed.

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