Tauro Test Review

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2015)

Tauro Test Testosterone Booster

Tauro Test is a naturally formulated testosterone booster made by sports supplement specialists Anabolic Designstauro-test

Sold as a ‘Total Male Rebuild’ it will (according to the makers) encourage the body to produce more free testosterone and growth hormone to maximise muscle growth, and at the same time controlling estrogren production.

The ingredients in Tauro Test contain a blend of proven testosterone stimulating compounds plus some effective anti estrogens that should provide the perfect balance

The makers tell us that Tauro Test is most effective when used with a high protein diet.

Ingredients In Tauro Test

The formula is largely a proprietary mix of several ‘matrix’ systems

  • Testobullism Testosterone Amplification Matrix  1800mg
  • Secretrophin GH-Inducing Blend 900mg
  • cAMPAgoniss 2000mg
  • Estocut EStrogen Modulation Matrix 600mg
  • TauroDrive Delivery System Matrix 140 mg


Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day – on training days take one of the doses an hour before working out.

tauro_test_labelUsers Feedback

Most reviews are positive with many users reporting increased strength, and libido. However many users do report back that they have suffered some side effects as a result of taking Tauro Test. Some users are also unsure about proprietary blends as they are not too sure exactly what is going n their body.

Side Effects

Reports of extreme aggression, mood swings and bad acne have been linked to Tauro Test

Any Guarantees

No Guarantees Offered By Manufacturer

Where To Buy

Available From Various Online Sources – Amazon sell for $49.99

Our Thoughts

Quite a good product – many positives about this one, the only things keeping it out of our top 3 is the fact that the makers are coy about disclosing the full ingredient list and do not offer any guarantees.

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