Xcess Day Burn Fat Burner Review

Xcess Day Burn Fat Burner Review

Can You Really Burn Fat ALL Day??

Supplement manufacturers Xcore are the guys behind a naturally formulated thermogenic fat burner called Xcess Day Burn..

Promising to put your body into fat burning mode all day long, regardless if you are working out or not, the makers behind Xcess Day Burn make some bold claims about their product….They have tried to address all aspects of weight loss…. fat burning, carb blocking, appetite suppressing and mood control

Intrigued, we decided to check it out.

Whats in Xcess Day Burn

The formula is the key to any supplements effectiveness.. get it right and the desired results should follow, get it wrong, or fail to put enough of the key ingredients in the mix and all you will be left with is frustration and disappointment..

The makers have put a massive list of ingredients in this formula… too many to type them all out, so please see image of ingredient label as taken from their amazon product listing:

How To Take Xcess Day Burn

The directions are quite straightforward.. take 2 capsules before breakfast, 1 capsule before lunch and the final capsule mid afternoon… NOTE do not take too late in the day as the high stimulant content could disrupt sleeping..

Users Feedback

On amazon, there are no (rather surprisingly) user reviews, looking elsewhere.. The feedback is certainly very mixed…. for every positive review there is another reporting poor results.

The jury is certainly out on this product.. it obviously does not work for everybody

Reported Side Effects

There are a few reports of headaches, stomach upsets and the shakes/jitters.. this is no doubt due to the high level of stimulants in the mix

Where To Buy Xcess Day Burn

Amazon is one of the largest sellers internationally… other suppliers include Prozis, pontemasfuerte, eBay and dolphin fitness.

A bottle containing 120 capsules (a full 30 days supply) will cost from $47 ( £36 or 40€) but prices do vary so shop around for the best deal

Any Cash Back Guarantee

There does not appear to be any guarantees provide by the makers

Our Thoughts

We are not (to be honest) fans of products that try and do 2 or more things. quite often they are weak and underpowered with the manufacturers having squeezed too many of the various ingredients into the formula…

This product, with 21 ingredients in each capsule probably falls into that category, but we do have more pressing concerns. Firstly the inclusion of so many different stimulants, you have a large dose of caffeine, but on top of that you also have Guarana, Capsicum and Bitter Orange (citrus aurantium).

Anybody with even a slight intolerance to stimulants should avoid this product, as the resulting side effects can be quite unpleasant..

Bitter Orange raises other questions too… commonly used now as a regular replacement for the now banned ingredient Ephedra… although lacking in human studies, many experts now believe that it is responsible for the same nasty side effects that saw Ephedra banned.. and on that basis we certainly would never recommend any product that contains Bitter Orange..

Not For Us… There Are far SAFER and BETTER Products Out There… Some you can discover by reading our recommend fat burner page – 

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