T-Complex Testosterone Booster Review

T-Complex Testosterone Booster Review

T-Complex is a somewhat controversial testosterone boosting product. And for more than one reason.

It is primarily aimed at men who wish to improve the level and quality of bodybuilding results obtained from their in-gym activities and/or hope to increase their sexual prowess and stamina.

The main promised benefits are:

  • Intense Pumps
  • Improved Strength Gains
  • Explosive Workouts
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
  • Faster Recovery Times
  • Boosted Sexual Stamina


T-complex review

The formulation was developed and brought to market by a company called Coyanco LLC. 

T-Complex company also marketed a number of other supplements including a sports supplement called X-Ripped. 

However, it has courted controversy. Many customers complained to internet scam boards, stating they felt they felt they were lured into providing their card details by the promise of free product trails.

After which to find out their cards had been hit with recurring charges associated with an auto-ship program that had not been properly explained to them.

 The Coyanco LLC page at the Better Bussiness Bureau also bears some customer complaints and, at the time of this review, it appeared the company may no longer be in business, though bottles of T-Complex still appeared to be available via some eBay sellers.

Formula In T-Complex

Each 2-capsule dose of T-Complex provides:


The rest of the ingredients used in T-Complex are jumbled into a proprietary blend (655mg) and the quantities involved are not stated.

The blend T-Complex Proprietary Blend contains:

  • Eurycoma Longifolia: Also known as Tongkat Ali. One study suggests a 300mg dose may improve erection quality and boost the sex drive, but it seems unlikely that the dose provided here will be that high.
  • Ashwagandha: Said to be one of the most powerful herbs used in Ayurvedic healing, Ashwagandha is deemed capable of providing numerous benefits including reduction of stress and anxiety levels and help with joint pain and low libido.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: On the basis of results of obtained from a study involving 60 healthy men, researchers in India concluded mucuna pruriens reactivates the anti-oxidant defence system of infertile men, helps reduce stress and improves semen quality.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: A plant extract that has aa ‘claimed’ reputation as a natural testosterone booster and is often added to supplements intended to remedy erectile dysfunction.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract: An ingredient that is sometimes used as a testosterone booster, but offers disputable value.
  • Avena Sativa (Oat Straw):  Not likely to put extra lead in anybody’s pencil as far as boosting testosterone levels go, but avena sativa is reputed to be capable of enhancing vigour and stamina.


Directions For Use

The dose is 2 capsules per day and men using the product can take the capsules at the time that is most convenient for them. So there are no hard and fast rules.

Users Feedback

The internet complaint sites are the biggest source of feedback for this product. There are hundreds of complaints, both about the lack of overall effectiveness and the problems resulting from customers money being taken for products the they don’t want.

Any Side Effects?

No side effects have been reported. That is apart from the harm caused to buyers bank balances.

Actually a point to mention, there have been a few (and we mean just a few) cases of men experiencing redness, itching and burning of the penis after taking ashwagandha. An unlikely problem but one we felt was worth mentioning.

Where To Buy T-Complex

The official website appears to have vanished from the net. Also affiliate-run websites that were originally designed to shuffle customers to the site are now sending their visitors to sales pages for alternative products instead. 

Although there’s no knowing if the company or its product may make a return in the future (possibly with different names). At the time of this review, T-Complex appeared to be discontinued. 

We managed to find a few bottles still being sold on eBay, but there is no way of knowing if they were what they appeared to be.

Cash Back Guarantee?

A 30-day money back guarantee used to be promised. Bearing in mind the way the product was marketed, getting a refund would likely have been very hard to do.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

The formulation of ingredients used in T-Complex is more formulated towards libido than muscle building. Several of the inclusions, including Eurycoma Longifolia and Mucuna Pruriens, stand out as being particularly noteworthy additions, as does zinc. 

However, although the amount of zinc provided is sufficient to deliver good results. The amount of magnesium provided is too low. Whatsmore there is no way of knowing what the situation is with any of the other inclusions because they’ve been conveniently placed in an undisclosed proprietary blend.  

We must mention again our dislike of proprietary blends or complexes, this is where the makers specify the names of the ingredients in the mix, but prefer to hide or keep to themselves the actual amounts of each compound included in each serving.

This is crucial information that we feel should always be disclosed. Without knowing the facts, you have no idea if there is actually enough of each ingredient for it to have any effect.

In most of these cases there is sadly only tiny, ineffective ‘trace’ amounts that offer no benefits whatsoever.

This formulation is unlikely to pack the same power as any of the top testosterone boosters. The fact that the product appears to have been discontinued makes further speculation on its pros and cons somewhat pointless.

We suggest that If you can find it for sale anywhere, DO NOT BUY T-Complex – Look elsewhere.

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