Can Nootropics Give You Limitless Workouts?

Can Nootropics Give You Limitless Workouts?

Focus More – Lift More..

You’ve possibly heard of the film Limitless.  Man finds life-changing nootropic pill that expands his brain’s functional capacity, and the game completely changes for him.

Sure, the premise is a little far-fetched, but the reality’s a lot closer than you may think.


Say hello to natural nootropic supplements – these are smart pills capable of supporting and enhancing a range of cognitive functions, leaving you with improved intelligence, thought clarity, memory, focus, mood and motivation.

With a stack of powerful benefits like this, you’re probably unsurprised to learn that nootropics have fast become the go-to for high-powered business executives and keen students looking for the mental edge to succeed.

Using Nootropics In The Gym

But the reach of nootropics stretches even further.  They are now becoming increasingly popular in the gym. Competitive bodybuilders in particular love the razor-sharp focus nootropics can encourage, enabling them to lift more – and more often.

Nootropics have also become a steadfast ally to enhance many people’s day-to-day workouts. This is because they impact the brain’s neurotransmitters to help the brain communicate better with the body. This can have a host of positive effects including improved focus and motivation and faster reaction times – all essential to kick-ass workouts.

It’s common sense really – if the brain controls everything the body does, the better shape the brain is in, the better shape the body will be in. This leaves you more capable than ever of triumphing over tough workouts.

Here’s an example – the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. While this aids the brain’s ability to learn and retain information, it also helps a range of physical functions like reflexes, endurance, balance and muscle control.

What more could you need for the ultimate Limitless effect in the gym?

There are other ways that nootropics can turbo-charge your gym sessions, too.

Motivation is a prime example – even those as keen as mustard when it comes to getting to the gym can suffer from a lack of motivation. This is a fitness regime’s worst enemy.


Nootropics can help boost your ongoing motivation by crossing the blood brain barrier and increasing the production of the key motivation-driving neurotransmitters. Wakefulness, alertness and attention, furthermore, can all be supported by nootropics.

Focus, too, is an important part of getting results in the gym. There’s also good news here. The right nootropic can help sharpen focus and block out distractions. This means it’s easier than ever for you to focus on what matters – getting results.

Nootropics can support stamina and endurance for the ultimate Limitless effect.

They  work by triggering improved cardiovascular ability, increased muscle mass and weight loss.

Nootropics can also help reduce stress and anxiety levels by supporting the GABA neurotransmitter, and less stress equals more focus, concentration… and results.2015-09-17 10.11.55

So as well as a pre-workout supplement or protein shake, how about taking things to a new level with nootropics?

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