Pink Magic Testosterone Booster Review

Does Pink Magic Work

Pink Magic is a naturally formulated Testosterone Booster made by USP Labs

The makers state that it will boost muscle mass, improve strength and speed pGNC1-7931096dtrecover from workouts

They go further and claim that it will give ballooned muscles, rapid vascularity and make you far stronger than any other supplement

These Are Big Claims – But Does Pink Magic Actually Work Or Is It Just Sales Hype?

The Formula In Pink Magic

The makers haven’t gone out of their way to tell us exactly what’s in the mix, it is sold as a 1600mg proprietary formula which is a common way of hiding the amount of each ingredient in the pack.

The Ingredient list reads as follows:

  • Massularia Acuminate (Stem )
  • Nelumbo Nucifera ( Seeds And Leaves)
  • Rhamnus Nakaharia (Stem)

The key ingredient appears to be Massularia Acuminate – a plant found mainly in Nigeria that is used in local traditional medicines. There was one study carried out on this, which involved Rats and it did show a mild increase in libido and testosterone levels. This study is still inconclusive because the rats were given far greater amounts of the ingredient that could not be fitted into a few pills per day. An adult man would have to take over 3000mg of this alone to see any benefits whatsoever.

USP_Labs_-_Pink_MagicNelumbo Nucifera – aka Lotus Flower, there are no studies that demonstrate any positive testosterone boosting effects of this ingredient

Rhamnus Nakaharia – Sometimes used to treat stomach problems, but again there is no evidence that backs up its testosterone boosting claims


Take 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. On days that you work out, take an extra 2 capsules 30 minutes before working out.

Cycle weekly –  6 days on, 1 day off.

User Feedback

Very mixed generally, a few reported some slight improvement, where as most users saw little or no effect. Quite a few reported side effects

Reported Side Effects

Increased Acne and stomach upset are most common problems linked to this product

Where To Buy

Readily available from many online sources – prices generally range between $70 and $95 for one box.

Any Guarantees

None At All

Our Thoughts

Pink Magic has been really well marketed by the makers, but when you strip back the hype, it is simply a mix of mainly unproven ingredients that do not seem to deliver on its promises.

Hard To Recommend

Give This One A Wide Berth – Save Your Money and buy something that uses a more proven formula.

There are far better boosters on the market, ones that provide proven results and some with cash back guarantees.

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