Muscleology Redtest Review

RedTest Testosterone Booster Review

Will The Massive Formula In Redtest Actually Deliver?

RedTest is a natural testosterone booster sold by Muscleology.redtest-600x600

It promises to help users:

  • Increase Testosterone Production
  • Enhance Nitric Oxide Production
  • Boost Libido
  • Maximise Muscle Growth and Vascularity

The Formula In Redtest

Redtest uses (we quote) “naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to enhance the body’s natural testosterone production”

Its formula is made up of a lengthy list of ingredients largely packed into three proprietary blends ;

REDTEST-FACTSSee Bottle label :


Taking Red Test

The daily dose is 6 capsules per day, take 2 before lunch, dinner and before going to bed….


There is sufficient for 20 days supply in each bottle.

Users Feedback

Overall, the general feeling is not that good, a large number of users failed to see any benefits from taking Redtest… of course there are the usual good reviews, but you always have to consider their validity, especially when a lot of users are unhappy… If it was that good, there would only be the odd negative report..


Any Side Effects

Aside from the risk of nausea there are no other reported side effects coming from users of Redtest

Where To Buy

Redtest is available from numerous sources, one outlet is who sell a 20 day supply for $43.98 ( usual price $89.99)

Any Cash Back Guarantees

None provided By Manufacturers

Our Thoughts

For all its manufacturer’s claims and promises, if you take an informed look at the formula in Redtest, it quickly becomes clear that the poor reviews are largely down to the formula..

Yes it does contain a very few proven t-boosting ingredients in Magnesium, Zinc, Fenugreek and Vit B6, but the scientific facts are that the majority of ingredients in the undisclosed formula have no proven clinical ability to boost testosterone.

Take Tribulus Terrestris as one example, it is found in probably 80% of all Testosterone boosters, yet time and time again it has failed miserably under clinical conditions to actually trigger any change in testosterone levels… It can of course help to improve libido if taken in the correct quantities ( which we do not know in this case as the makers prefer to hide the actual quantities of each ingredient in the mix)

Some of the ingredients are also illegal in some countries too ( Longjack is one example)

Overall – Over formulated but regretfully underpowered and Ineffective…

 Expensive For What You Get Out Of It…

Also, why just supply 20 days supply?? it’s not cheap especially for what you are getting and this means that to run a 2 month course, you will have to spend anywhere between $132 and $180..

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