Gorilla Testosterone Review

Gorilla Testosterone Review

Is Gorilla Testosterone Really The Strongest Testosterone Booster Out There???

Gorilla Testosterone is a natural testosterone booster made by UK based Gorilla Labs…. a popular product on amazon, it claims to be the most powerful T-Booster available anywhere, promising users that it will unleash huge gains in muscle mass, strength, libido and everything manly….

The makers tell us that their unique formula containing 5 ingredients is different from everything else out there….

Intrigued, we decided to have a good – in-depth look at their product to determine if it really is that good….

The Formula In Gorilla Testosterone

The ingredient profile is made up of an undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 500mg…. the makers do list the individual components, but for some reason have chosen to  keep the actual amounts of each ingredient per serving to themselves….

The proprietary blend contains unknown amounts of :

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Maca
  • ZMA ( Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6)
  • Shilajit
  • Tribulus Terrestris

How To Take Gorilla Testosterone

The daily serving is 2 capsules 3 times a day ( 6 in totally daily)

Users Feedback

On Amazon, there is a real mixed bag of feedback….its a virtual 50/50 split with users either reporting great results* or nothing at all… there does not seem to be any middle ground wirth this product..

*We must point out that Amazon do have a tendency to use professional writers who are given products at discounted prices or even for free in return for positive feedback…We are not saying that this is the case with Gorilla, but it’s a fact worth bearing in mind as it can throw some doubt onto the validity of such reviews..

sample verified  feedback courtesy of amazon

Where To Buy Gorilla Testosterone

Amazon are a main stockist… a bottle contain a two week supply (90 caps) is currently being sold for £12.99 ( about $16.99) plus shipping…. ( amazon prime members usually get free shipping)

Any Cash Back Guarantees

There are no guarantees offered.. but given the low purchase price its little wonder.. just think of it as a throw away product..

Our Thoughts

We have to say right away that we are not fans of companies who prefer to hide the full details of their formula… quite simply if you do not have this information, you have no way of knowing if there is actually enough of each of the key components in the mix to have any effect…. Sadly with Gorilla Testosterone, cramming 7 ingredients into a 500mg blend we believe that this is the case..

Looking at the ingredients in more depth..

The inclusion of D-aspartic acid and the ZMA combination are good sign, as these are proven T-boosting ingredients.. however as mentioned above, the only issue is that there is most likely not enough of each of these 4 ingredients in the mix for them to be really effective…

Tribulus Terrestris is a popular ingredient, but the sad scientific facts are that it has failed in many, many clinical trials to provide even a hint of a boost in testosterone… quite frankly it does not work… It can however  ( when taken in the right amounts) help boost a sluggish libido..

The same can be said about Maca…it has shown positive effects when used to boost sex drive, but again it has failed in trials to show any real testosterone boosting properties.

Finishing With Shilajit… It does have some documented testosterone boosting effects, however, these results come from a single human study and the men involved were all infertile with very low levels of testosterone… otherwise more healthy men experienced no improvements whatsoever..

To Sum Up… Gorilla Testosterone is in our opinions a very weakly formulated product.. despite the makers claims it offers nothing new and will ( in most cases) fail to provide any worthwhile benefits…. Don’t believe the hype… look elsewhere – thats our recommendation

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