Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Exercises That Naturally Increase Testosterone

Increasing your level of testosterone in the body can be dramatically enhanced by the correct bodybuilding exercises. Testosterone is the male hormone produced by the body that helps to develop lean muscle and strength, which is an important requirement for any bodybuilder.

Bodybuilders actively look for ways to increase their supply of testosterone, only a few ways are safe. Artificial supplements and injections are risky and come with a very high risk of side effects.

A natural bodybuilding testosterone supplement is a preferred method for many bodybuilders, but there are also a number of exercises you need to include in your training that can also help boost your supply of Testosterone.

Here are a few examples of a few of the easiest and most effective;

Lift Heavy

Lifting heavy weights won’t just help build big muscles it will also promote higher levels of testosterone being produced and released.  When you lift heavy weights, concentrate on four to six reps only, as opposed to more reps with a lighter weight.  This will help to secrete Testosterone instead of Oestrogen.

Concentrate On Cardio

Extra weight encourages the production of Oestrogen, by losing weight and reducing the amount of fat, you will have a greater production of testosterone.  Oestrogen is a female hormone that when released in the body it hinders the production of testosterone and preventing the body from breaking down fat. Cardiovascular activity such as swimming, cycling, rowing and running can help stimulate Testosterone activity and help you lose weight. You should aim to do an hour of Cardio a week.

Olympic Lifts

Olympic lifts are by far the best all-encompassing workouts to boost testosterone levels and production of growth hormones. Include all variations, not just snatch and cleans and this will release more testosterone in the body.

Dead lifts, push press exercises and front squats will help to improve your form which will help to prepare you for Olympic lifts. When these exercises are combined with the correct diet and a natural supplement, it will greatly encourage the production of testosterone and help with muscle building.

Compound Exercises

Compound Exercises are essential to work all the muscle groups and increase the level of testosterone produced. The more of these exercises you include in your workouts, the greater your testosterone level. Examples of these exercises are back rows, shoulder presses, bench presses, close grip bench presses and squats.

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