Grenade AT4 Review

Does Grenade AT4 Live Up To The Hype


The latest testosterone booster by sports specialists Grenade has been long awaited… Finally after ten years of research and development their latest product – AT4 has been released to the public.grenade_at4

Formulated to deliver “ Hormonal Support And Anabolic Devastation” the supplement is (according to the manufacturers) designed to help body builders achieve sustained muscle growth and maximum strength.


The formula in Grenade AT4 delivers a clinically approved blend of natural ingredients that include:

  • Vitamin D3 12.5 mcg
  • D-Aspartic Calcium Chelate 1500mg
  • Fenugreek 360mg
  • Passion flower extract 73.75mg
  • Boron ( Boric Acid) 4.75mg


You need to take a massive 6 tablets a day – 3 before breakfast and then 3 before lunch. Alternatively, you can take all 6 in the morning

Cycle for 5 days on, with 2 days off, for 6 weeks and then take 4 weeks off before repeating.

Users Feedback

Feedback is actually quite good – not amazing but satisfactory. Some users have reported gains in strength and bulk, However many found that taking 6 tabs a day was to much

GrenadeAT4-GrenadeTabDoes AT4 Cause Any Side Effects

Nothing to be really concerned with, increased acne can be a problem for some along with short temperedness – but all are classic signs that testosterone levels are elevated.

Where Can I Buy Grenade AT4

Not Yet Readily Available outside UK,  – However UK based body building specialists sell on-line for £39.99 which works out at $70.00 (inc shipping for buyers outside UK) – and they do  ship worldwide...

 Any Guarantees

No Guarantees Offered By Manufacturer

Our Thoughts On Grenade AT4

A great looking product with a natural formula that does seem to deliver reasonable results for many users – the high number of tablets to be taken each day and a lack of a cash back guarantee are the only things that (in our opinion) let it down.

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