What Is The Best Time To Work Out And Why

When Is The Best Time To Work Out

This is a question that confuses many people…While some of us simply love getting up before dawn, putting on our running shoes and hitting the streets, others grab a quick breakfast and are in the gym pushing weights, long before most of us have even had our morning coffee….

Finding the perfect time to workout is an individual process, and it varies from person to person….exercising is supposed to make you feel good, but if your muscles really feel tight in the morning or if a late workout stops you sleeping, there is no doubt that its nowhere near as enjoyable and in fact counter productive…

Is It Better in The Afternoon?

While many people cite the benefits of an early morning workout, if it doesn’t work for you, then do not worry… research has shown that its far better to work out at a regular time of the day.. that way your body gets used to it and it actually performs better at that time of the day… so if 4pm suits you, then make that your regular time to hit the gym… research has shown that keeping to a similar workout time can actually result in better performance, lower fatigue levels and higher oxygen consumption… The problem for most of us not actually the workout itself, but scheduling the best time for us….

Body core temperature is key too…. if the body is cold, then our muscles tend to be stiff, less forgiving and more prone to injury…. our body temperature tends to naturally increase throughout the day, so its quite possible that our strength, and endurance, tends to be higher later in the day… another key fact is that quite often, our blood pressure and heart rate tend to be lower in the afternoon.

Hormones also play a crucial part in determining the optimum time to workout…. Take testosterone as an example, its really crucial for muscle growth and strength. This applies to not just men.. women also need testosterone, just not as much as men do…it’s a fact that the body produces more testosterone later in the day…. on the flip side, the stress hormone cortisol (which aids the storage of fat in the body) is at its peak in the morning and tends to reduce as the day progresses..

What If I Am An Early Bird?

If you prefer to work out early in the day, then don’t worry.. an early morning workout can be just as effective, and they are often easier to complete before the day to day responsibilities take over.. plans to go to the gym later in the day can also be counteracted by having just completed a hard, possible stressful day at work – its all about will power..

Morning workouts also help reduce early onset of daily stress, and its a fact that people who workout early in the morning tend to sleep better at night.

We have read one study that also showed that doing 45 minutes of moderate exercise ( like a walk for instance) actually helps curb appetite.. another fact to consider is that working out on an empty stomach can actually burn up to 20% more body fat… now this is much easier to do first thing in the day…


At the end of the day its more important to find a workout schedule that suits you and your lifestyle…both options have benefits and perhaps some downsides… just find a time of the day that suits you and stick to it.. you will see more benefits and of course results…..


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