BlackWolf Hunter Workout Stack

BlackWolf Hunter Workout Stack

Give Your Workouts The X Factor With Hunter

We want to introduce you to a truly revolutionary stack…..

If you’re keen to drop fat and build up lean muscle mass, chances are you’re making good use of a pre-workout supplement to up your energy levels, drive focus and get your muscle pump going. And you might even be using a post-workout formula to help speed up recovery and get you hitting the gym again sooner.

“But what about in between and during workouts?”

Hunter is an innovative supplement stack that supports:

  • Pre-workout
  • Intra-workout, and;
  • Post-workout

With three distinct supplements that cater to the body’s specific needs during each part of the muscle journey.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different supplements at play here:

  • Track: Enhance energy levels and focus before you hit the gym
  • Hunt: Get the most out of every workout
  • Eliminate: Maximise recovery time and muscle gain

Let’s take a closer look at what the Hunter stack entails, and how it might be able to help you.

Hunter’s Formula

There’s stacks going on here across all three products employed in this combo, with plenty of hard-hitting muscle builders, energy boosters and fat burners. You can find the full details concerning the formula on the manufacturer’s website here:

How To Take Hunter

There’s plenty of info on the manufacturer’s website as to how these products should be taken.

To summarise, all Black Wolf products should be taken with one 30g scoop with milk, water or juice around 20-30 minutes before, during and after working out.

The manufacturer recommends taking this supplement for at least 60 days for best results.

User Feedback

As its a new product, it’s a little too soon to have any real idea of how this product performs from independent users directly. Looking at the formula and the way that the products have been put together that all the vital signs are good at this stage – we will post any feedback here as it appears.

Reported Side Effects

No reports of anything adverse, and there is nothing in any of the formulas to suggest any potential problems…

Where To Buy The Blackwolf Hunter Stack

We’d recommend going directly to the manufacturer at Here the Hunter package costs $82.95 (£64.95) – this includes 3 x 450g tub of Trail, Hunt and Eliminate.

You also get a free Blackwolf workout mixing bottle with each stack..

Cash Back Guarantee?

We see that the manufacturer offers a 14-day cashback guarantee, but it’s only for unopened, unused products.

Our Thoughts

All the signs here are great – the individual products here pack a serious punch, so combined we expect users to see some real results when they combine all three in this powerful combo.

The formula certainly has all the right signs – there are plenty of potent, powerful ingredients here, supporting everything from energy, endurance and stamina through to focus and fat loss. What’s more, most of them are scientifically proven, too, and are found in some of the most popular and poerful workout supplements.

We think Hunter is likely to be a very powerful supplement stack covering all aspects of the muscle-building journey – Certainly one to try….

You Can Find out more about Hunter, and All The Blackwolf Workout Products At

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