EliteGain 350 Review

EliteGain 350 Review

Will EliteGain 350 Do What It Says On The Tin??

The makers advertise this product as the most powerful muscle builder on the market today.  They certainly know how to promote it’s effects..

Said to increase body strength by a massive 400% without the need to increase your exercise regime is a bold statement for anyone make..  We find these claims a little hard to believe given that bodybuilders know that you get results through hard work..  Is there a pill capable of giving you the ultimate body??Bottle

The Makers Claims In Full:

EliteGain Will:

  • Supercharge Lean Muscle Growth
  • Reduce Recovery Time
  • Boost Endurance, Energy and Libido
  • Reduce Body Fat

The makers certainly have confidence in their product.. Encouraging people to give it a try.. sounds like a win win purchase doesn’t it..  So Let’s have a look at the formula??

The Formula

We would love to be able to give you the full low down on this.. Unfortunately, the manufacturers don’t feel the need to disclose any details on the mix..

With no information on the ingredients, the user has no way of know if this will work.. more worrying is the possibility that a banned ingredient could be included in the mix..  Taking this product with knowing what is in it would be very risky indeed..

How To Take

No directions available

User Comments

There are three user reviews on the official site..  glowing as you would expect..  Are they genuine?? No independent user reviews are available ..

Where To Buy

Buying this product is not easy.. You will have to sign up for a free 14 day trial, supplied with an additional 46 days supply (totalling 60 days supply – 2 bottles) Then you are given 14 days to decide if you are happy with the results.  Not long enough .  If you fail to cancel and return the 2 bottles within this period, you will be charged $117.00 (about £97).

Cash Back Guarantee

There is no information on a cash back guarantee offered for purchases that exceed the initial 14 day period.

Our Verdict

This is an easy one..  No formula, all hype..  Don’t Try Too Risky..

Well Formulated Alternatives Are Out There

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