Modern Man Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner Review

Modern Man Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner Review

Can Modern Man Really Get You Into “The Zone”?

Modern Man products are the guys behind a naturally formulated combined testosterone booster and thermogenic fat burner rather aptly called Modern Man Testosterone Booster..819TBAU9GgL._SX522_It promises to help boost testosterone levels and trigger fat burning to help you build muscle mass and reduce unwanted body fat while you work out. The makers claim that their formula was developed to help keep guys just like you in “THE ZONE”, helping you to retain focus and to get the best from your workouts..

The Formula In Modern Man Testosterone Booster

Top marks to the manufacturers, who fully disclose the ingredients and the amounts thereof … All too many makers hide their formula behind undisclosed proprietary blends, so it’s a refreshing change..

Each Serving Contains

Testosterone Elevating Complex:

  • Tribulus Terrestris 250mg
  • Fenugreek 100mg
  • Maca 100mg
  • Ashwagandha 50mg
  • methyl D-aspartic Acid 15mg


Focus-XS Clean Energy Complex

  • Caffeine 150mg
  • Eria Jarensis 125mg


Directions For Use

Take 1 capsule before breakfast and a second early afternoon, OR just prior to working out.

71mHB3MzQjL._SL1021_Users Feedback

Independent user reviews are very split..for every positive review, there is another reporting poor or no results.

This sort of feedback makes it very hard to judge this or any product. We will take our own in depth look at the formula further on in the review as this a sure fire way of knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Modern Man Testosterone Booster Side Effects

None directly relating to this supplement, but one of the ingredients – Ashwaganda has been linked to some unpleasant side effects ( see ‘our thoughts’ down below)

Where To Buy Modern Man Testosterone Booster

Amazon seems to be the main re-seller, although we understand  it is also available at a few other supplement suppliers… expect to pay in the region of $37-$40 for a box containing 60 capsules…

Any Cash Back Guarantees?

No Regretfully, there are no cash back guarantees provided with this supplement

Our Thoughts

We are not fan of products that try to focus on two separate issues… Usually the formula is lacking in some area. If you want to boost testosterone, then choose a good t-booster. If fat loss is what you desire, then buy a decent fat burner…. Its very rare that a dual action product actually delivers on its promises.

With a very mixed bag of reviews from other users, we always take a good look at the key parts of the formula to ascertain just how good ( or bad) this or any supplement could be..

Tribulus Terrestris… found in numerous t-boosting supplements… Is known for its ability to help increase a flagging libido, but as a testosterone booster it has failed in every clinical trial to have any effect. Quite simply it does not work.. Period.. – Also has no known fat burning properties.

Fenugreek – One of the known and proven t-boosting ingredients in the mix.

Maca – stringent tests and trials have failed to record any real direct t-boosting effects. It can help with boosting sex drive, so if that is a problem to you, then it could possibly offer some benefits.

Ashwangandha – known for its ability to help reduce stress and fatigue, and it can help men with very low testosterone to raise their levels to baseline normal once again… has a worrying side effect in that it has been known to cause redness, itching, discolouration and burning to the penis.

Eria Jarensis – scientific name N-phenethyl dimethylamine… A stimulant type ingredient that some experts liken to amphetamine in its actions… Claimed to provide an energy boost, improved focus and even a feeling of euphoria….. Very limited testing is available, so its actual long term effects are somewhat unknown.

Caffeine – a well known and effective stimulant that can provide a boost to energy levels and help boost the fat burning processes in the body… Can have an adverse effect in those with an intolerance to stimulants, with suffers reporting feelings of anxiety, the shakes or jitters and problem sleeping..

Our Conclusion – Poorly Formulated, Ineffective with potential side effects

We strongly advise you to look elsewhere….

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