3 Booty Burning Exercises To Give You The Perfect Peach

3 Booty Burning Exercises To Give You The Perfect Peach

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to get your behind in shape!

Unfortunately, our rear is one of the first places to show the strain if we’ve been overindulging – whether it’s a loss of pertness, tightness morphing into sagginess or cellulite, the bum is a prime target for excess fat… but out of sight shouldn’t necessarily mean out of mind.

What’s more, the muscles in our bum are more important than you might think. As well as helping us pack some junk in the trunk, the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus drive movement in both the legs and upper body, as well as helping to balance the core. So in other words, it’s pretty important that you keep your bum strong.

So how can you be confident that your peach is pert, perfect and delivering the goods? Here are our top three booty burning exercises.

The Squat

The king of toning exercises, the squat is the ultimate tool in your arsenal when it comes to keeping your bum in shape, helping you shape, tone and strengthen your buttock muscles in one fell swoop.

We recommend using dumbbells or barbells to really make the most of this exercise – stand with your feet roughly shoulder length apart with a barbell sitting on your shoulders across the back of the neck. Place your hands just over shoulder width apart when holding the barbell, or if you’re opting for hand weights, place them by your sides.

Keeping your back straight, bend both knees while ensuring your upper body stays balanced over your hips. Carry on bending until your knees are almost parallel to the ground. Hold this position for a second before returning back to your initial position using your back, leg and bum muscles. Repeat until you can’t do anymore!

The Glute Kickback

Want to build up your bum muscles? Look no further than this clever exercise.

Begin in a crawling position on your hands and knees, keeping your head straight forward. Lift the right leg backwards and upwards with your knee bent at a 90 degree angle – this should make your elevated foot higher than your head. When complete, the bottom of the lifted foot should be pointing towards the sky – hold this here for two seconds before returning to your initial position. Repeat as many times as you can.

The Lunge

This booty builder couldn’t be simpler – stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands by your sides. With the shoulders directly over the hips, take a large step back (around twice the size of anormal step).

Bend both knees until the front thigh is parallel to the floor and your back knee is nearly almost touching the floor. Return to your starting stance and repeat equally on both legs.

Fancy switching it up a bit? Try stepping forward.

Incorporate these three simple, yet killer moves into your regular workout and you’ll be rocking a perfectly pert peach before you know it!

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