American Metabolix MuscleTest Review

American Metabolix MuscleTest Review

MuscleTest: the key to serious muscle mass?

If you’re looking to build and maintain muscle mass, don’t underestimate the power of testosterone, American Metabolix MuscleTest Might be able to help.

Central to the body’s ability to build muscle fibre, testosterone is often overlooked in a world full of burners and pre-workout supplements. But it can be the difference between looking fit and looking absolutely ripped.71tx4tnSmSL._SY355_

This T booster works to correct the hormonal imbalance caused by estrogen, leaving you with heightened libido, energy, strength and muscle mass.

Sound tempting? Let’s go.

American Metabolix MuscleTest’s Formula

American Metabolix is made up of 4 undisclosed proprietary blends.. we know whats in each blend, just not how much of each of the ingredients is actually present in each serving…Here’s what the supplement contains:

  • LH Rejuvenation Blend (545mg)

Tribulus terrestris fruit extract, bulbine natalensis stern extract, tongkat ali root extract oat, whole herb extract

  • Estrogen killer (193mg)

Indole-3-carbinol, naringin, diindolymethane, whole button mushrooms

  • TSH and adrenal support blend (256mg)

Citrus aurantium fruit extract, rhodiola rosea root extract, green tea leaf extract, amla fruit extract, ashwagandha root extract, reishi mushroom, 35-diiodo-L-tyrosine

  • Libido aphrodisiac blend (593mg)

Stinging nettle root extract, velvet bean seed extract, chlorophytum borivilianum root extract, pygeum bark extract, L-dopa, deer antler powder

20130316_194431Directions for Use

MuscleTech should be taken for up to eight consecutive weeks before taking a break for a minimum of four weeks.

If you’re new to MuscleTech, take two capsules in the morning and two in the afternoon. More experienced users should up this to three times a day.

Never take more than six MuscleTech capsules in any 24-hour period.

User Feedback

There isn’t a huge amount of user feedback to go on here. Reviews we’ve managed to find are really mixed to be honest – while a couple of people say this is the best testosterone booster they’ve ever tried, and with very quick results, others are less enthusiastic.

These users claim to have experienced ‘okay’ results in terms of increased energy and muscle mass, but nothing mindblowing.

Overall, looks like MuscleTest is a bit of a mixed bag.

American Metabolix MuscleTest Side Effects

Nothing directly resulting from the use of this product, but a couple of the ingredients have been linked to some adverse side effects in some cases (See Our Thoughts Below)

Where to buy American Metabolix MuscleTest seems to be the preferred supplier here, although MuscleTest is also available at and You should expect to pay $79.99 for 180 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There doesn’t seem to be a money-back guarantee offered directly by the manufacturer if you don’t experience big benefits when using MuscleTest.

If you buy it from GNC, however, you’ll see that a 100% money back guarantee is attached to all products (conditions do apply however so read the small print).

Our Thoughts

With a small number of mixed reviews, we tend to look at the formula in depth to determine a products possible effectiveness… and this one does not raise our hopes too high…. Ignoring the fact that the makers prefer to keep the actual amounts of each ingredient to themselves… there is not actually not many prove testosterone boosting ingredients in the mix… also two or three particular ingredients actually raised some concerns with us…

Citrus Aurantium – (AKA Bitter orange) more commonly found in fat burners…  used as a direct replacement for the now banned Ephedra which was removed from sale due to very risky side effects.. This ingredient lacks human testing and many experts believe that it can cause the same side effects that saw Ephedra banned in the first place…

Tribulus Terrestris – found in many t-boosters.. the sad, scientific facts surrounding this ingredient is that while it can help boost a flagging libido, it has failed in all clinical trials to provide an increase in testosterone.

Quite frankly it DOES NOT WORK…

Ashwagandha has shown some positive results in testosterone boosting trials, but it has (in rare cases) been linked to a rather unpleasant side effects in that some users have suffered swelling, burning and itching to the penis…..

Not Good Enough In Our Opinion…

We suggest that you look elsewhere. as a starting point, why not have a look at our top rated testosterone boosted page, these have been selected for their impressive results, positive user feedback as well as a lengthy, no quibble cash back guarantee..

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