Strength Building Workout

Strength Building Workout

There is no magic workout routine that will have you become stronger overnight. Building strength is not a sprint, but a long goal to accomplish. There are things to focus on in the weightroom that will help you out, but also keep in mind you diet. Building more muscle requires ingesting more protein, too. Remember fitness is 70 percent your diet and 30 percent training.

A strength building workout will consist of four main exercises that you already do during your training. The difference is doing these movements with lower reps and more weight. Do not bother with weight that you can do ten to twelve reps with. Increase the weight that you are doing, and keep all sets to lower reps. Pyramid up as you go, meaning increase the weight every set. Maxing out for the final set with one rep is ideal to build strength


Deadlifts are the only exercise movement that works out your upper body and lower body to a serious extent. Think of it as the King of All movements. Core strength is key when training, and deadlifts will increase your muscle as you go heavy with less reps. Keep your back straight as you perform these otherwise you will be walking around with a bad back for weeks to come.


Squats train your whole lower half to a ridiculous amount. Women, if you want amazing glutes, squatting will have the guys doing double and triple takes. With this strength building workout, you are going with lower reps and a lot of weight. First set should only be five reps. Choose a weight that you believe you can only get for five reps. The continuing sets should be one less rep, so you are looking at five sets all together. The last set, of course, is going to be your maxing out one rep set.

Bench Press

If you want an amazing chest, you have to bench press a good amount of weight. Guys that you see walking around with flat chests and ripped arms do not go heavy enough on this movement. I have many men at my current gym that have chests like ten year old boys, but decent sized arms. They look a bit ridiculous. The point of bodybuilding is to strengthen your whole body and add muscle mass proportionately. Why not try to improve your bench press so much that people stop what they are doing to watch you perform these? Once again, start with five reps for your first set, then continue adding more weight for each set after as your reps go down.

Standing Overhead Press

This compound movement is a fantastic upper body muscle builder, but it involves your whole body since you are standing. Your shoulders and upper back will benefit the most from this exercise. It is a simple lift where you just use your brute strength to press a bar loaded with weights over your head.

There is nothing fancy about this movement, but keep your form in check otherwise you are at risk of injuring yourself. However, your strength will increase quickly when you begin to do them in a workout designed with low reps and heavy weight in mind. Be very careful with your one rep max while doing this movement. Hurting your rotator cuff will sideline you for a long time if you get carried away.

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