Scitec Nutrition T/GH T-Booster Review 

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2017)

Scitec Nutrition T/GH T-Booster Review 

Our investigations into popular testosterone boosters continues with a product made by supplement manufacturers Scitec Nutrition.. called T/GH its one of the most popular products throughout Europe as well as the US and beyond..

Different to most T-Boosters, T/GH is a powder based product, which could well make it a good choice for anybody who doesn’t like, or has trouble swallowing capsules – some of which can be quite large…

T/GH is a dual action product – a testosterone booster first and foremost, but it also doubles as a pre workout supplement – Now this is something that I am not generally a fan of…. We prefer products that target one area and not try to cover 2 or more bases….

The Formula In T/GH

The formula contains a mix of more recognisable t-boosting ingredients along with some various amino acids that can help boost good flow and energy levels…See Image label for full details:

How To Take T/GH

The daily serving is 1 scoop mixed with water and taken before bed

Users Feedback

Bit of an enigma here, despite its popularity there is very little feedback from independent users out there online.. the few that we have seen are very mixed with some decent results and an equal number of people who didn’t see any effect whatsoever….

Reported Side Effects

There have been no reports of anything adverse

Where To Buy T/GH

Most popular stockists carry T/GH.. Amazon, Prozi, Dolphinfitness are three of many, you can also buy direct from Scitec…. expect to pay in the region of $30.00 (26,00€) for a tub containing 240g

Cash Back Guarantee?

If you buy direct from Scitec , they will give a refund on any unopened products returned within 30 days of delivery.. it’s not clear if this applies to orders placed through other sources

Our Thoughts

Very mixed feelings here…. Sure there are some decent T-boosting ingredients in the mix, D-Aspartic acid is particular is supplied in an effective amount (3000mg) and that alone could help provide some decent results… We are concerned however that many of the other ingredients ( Vitamin D3, Magnesium and Zinc in particular) are included in far smaller amounts than some of our top rated products…. We would have liked to have seen more L-arginine included too as its great for boosting blood flow to the muscles….

The fact is that T/GH shoots and misses as far as we are concerned.. Yes it could deliver some mild results, especially for anybody who is trying their first T-Booster… But If you are an experienced bodybuilder and looking for something potent and effective, this one is not going to satisfy your requirements…..

Not Good Enough…… We Suggest That You Look Elsewhere….

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