Scitec Nutrition T-360 Review

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

Scitec Nutrition T-360 Review

Our research into popular t-boosters throughout Europe continues with an in depth look at Scitec Nutrition’s natural T-Booster which is simply called T-360.

Promising to help boost and maintain health testosterone levels, fertility and reproduction in men of all ages, it is ( the makers claim) especially effective in guys who workout..

Whats In Scitec Nutrition T-360

The formula is as always our starting point when checking out any supplement… get it right, with good ingredients in the right quantities and you are usually onto a winner.. Get the ingredients wrong, or simply do not include sufficient quantities of the right ingredients and you will be left feeling frustrated and disappointed..

The makers of Scitec Nutrition T-360 do disclose the actual ingredients, but do not ( for reasons only known to themselves) disclose how much of anything is in each serving..

Each serving includes:

  • L-Arginine Base
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
  • Bovine Gelatin
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Colouring Agents – Tartrazine,Titanium Dioxide and Brilliant Blue FCF

How To Take Scitec Nutrition T-360

There is no information whatsoever on the products amazon listing.. as each box contains 108 capsules, we would assume that the daily dose is  4 per day which would give you enough for 27.5 days…The makers do suggest a 12 week on, 2 week off cycling pattern

Users Feedback

The main re-seller is amazon and they currently have no user feedback whatsoever…. actually the same can be said about the official website too…

If any independent users feedback surfaces, we will post the details here

Any Side Effects

As above really… there are no reports of anything adverse, but if anything comes to our attention, we will put the information here… the makers do put up a warning about the colorants used in the tablets staying that it can cause behavioural issues in children, which considering it’s a product aimed at adult men is a funny thing to do…

Where To Buy Scitec Nutrition T-360

Amazon sell this product online for $26.99 which works out at £19.99 or 22,65€ for buyers overseas..Buyers in the UK can get free shipping, this may not apply to buyers in the US / EU

It is also available from other suppliers and prices do vary

Any Cash Back Guarantee

There is no evidence of any guarantees being offered by the makers

Our Thoughts

We can sum up this product in a few words… Weak and Ineffective…

There is nothing in the mix (aside from Zinc) that has any clinical evidence whatsoever when it comes to boosting testosterone.. Tribulus has itself failed in every clinical trial to provide even a hint of increased testosterone…

The other ingredients might possibly help boost blood flow which could in turn help with energy levels and also increase both erection quality and overall libido..

The fact that the makers prefer to keep the amounts of each ingredient per serving is a massive black mark…. if you don’t know how much of anything is in the formula, how do you know if you are taking enough for them to have any effect… quite simply you don’t…

If you are looking for a product to help boost your testosterone and maximise the results you get from your workouts, then this product quite simply does not cut it…. you will (in our opinion) find it weak and ineffective…. If you are mainly concerned about libido then it just might offer you some mild benefits…

We suggest that you checkout our recommended testosterone boosters page if you really want to build larger, stronger muscles

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