Prime Male Review – The Ultimate T-Booster?

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2020)

Prime Male Review

Is This The Most Effective T-Booster Ever?

The Ultimate T-Booster For Men Over 35


We have never been as excited when reviewing a product. In our lengthy search for the perfect testosterone booster we have come really close… but now we really feel that in Prime Male, we could have found it.

Prime Male is a well thought out, scientifically formulated testosterone supplement that was developed to help men aged 35 and over boost the reduced testosterone levels that can occur as we get that little bit older.

It can and does provide a real benefit to any man who is suffering the effects of low T which can include:

  • Loss of energy
  • Reduced muscle tone and strength
  • Disinterest in sex – lack of libido
  • Increased body fat
  • Poor sleep and even worse moods
Although the product is not specifically targeted at the younger man who works out and wants to boost his muscle mass and strength.. just one look at the impressive formula in Prime Male tells you that (apart from our top rated muscle booster Testofuel) it will be every bit as good and in our opinion better than many of the more established muscle building products out there.

Whats In The Mix

Each serving of Prime Male is packed with a fully disclosed list of clinically proven ingredients that work to boost testosterone.


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Taking Prime Male

The recommended dose is 4 capsules a day, take as follows :

  1. On waking
  2. With lunch
  3. Mid afternoon
  4. With evening meal


Users Feedback

Feedback is pretty amazing for a relatively new product…. we have spoken to many users of all ages that all report good gains in muscle tone/mass, improved strength, better moods and improved sleep patterns…

We even had one guy tell us that his wife had threatened to hose him down if he didn’t leave her alone – his libido had gone through the roof and she couldn’t keep up with him…

Any Reported Side Effects

pack-frontThere have been no issues or adverse reactions reported from users taking Prime Male

Where To Buy Prime Male

Available from the official website – orders are shipped worldwide from shipping hubs in both the US and UK.

Prices start at $69.00 (£39) for a full 30 day supply, there are some excellent offers including free bottles with larger orders.

Our Vote For Best Buy

the 3+1 package – buy 3 months and get a 4th free.. this will cost you $207.00 (£117)

Our Thoughts and Recommendation

Suitable For All Men Over 35

Prime Male is without any doubt, the best thought out and well formulated all purpose testosterone booster ever made…

It will boost testosterone levels to increase strength, energy and muscle mass, control estrogen and give you a massive spike in sex drive and performance. – Just warn your partner……

Highly Recommended

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