Primaforce Yohimbine HCI Review

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2015)

Primaforce Yohimbine HCI Review

Is Primaforce Yohimbine HCI Safe??

With a reputation for making good quality sport supplements, Primaforce have formulated a natural fat burning supplement aimed helping bodybuilders on cutting cycles, strip away unwanted fat while retaining muscle bulk.image_24127_original_X_450_white-165x300

Its name Primaforce Yohimbine HCI and it claims to help users burn fat fast..

What’s In The Formula

The key ingredient (the one and only ingredient) is Yohimbine HCI – the amount 2.5mg per serving

How To Use

1-2 servings per day – best before meals, on training days try to take one serving just before you workout.

It is suggested that you take 1 capsule to begin with to check tolerance

Consumer Feedback

Mixed opinion as to the products effectiveness..  there are quite a lot of good results reported, increased energy, improved muscle tone and mass along with fast fat loss.

The other end of the spectrum shows some disappointed in the lack of improvement if any..



Side Effects

There have been no reports of adverse reactions from users that we can find, but Yohimbine as an ingredient has been well documented as giving bad reactions and carries health warnings (See Our Verdict Below)

Where To Buy

Most popular stockists sell this product –, amazon both stock it.  You can expect to pay around $19.98 for 90 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees

None provided

Our Verdict

We are astounded that Primaforce have got away with selling this product with Yohimbine being its only ingredient.. It is a BANNED ingredient in many countries outside the US, and it is currently on the FDA Dangerous Ingredient List and if taken in excess has shown to give some pretty nasty side effects including:

  • Panic Attacks
  • Hallucinations
  • Headaches
  • Rapid or Irregular Heart Beat
  • Renal Failure
  • Cardiac Arrest

As a supplement, this is one to avoid at all costs – too the risks are just too many and far too serious to ignore..

Our Recommendation

Why not check out our recommended fat burners for men – we compiled our list by looking at the formula (fully disclosed) proven scientific test results, a user satisfaction rating of 98% or above and of course importantly a full cash back guarantee (showing the maker’s confidence in their product).  Less risk to you of course – No results? – You get your money back.

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