Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula Review

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2015)

Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula Review

The makers of Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula tell us their pre-workout supplement/fat burner will give fast results..

Their slogan Get Ripped! Get In Shape..  definitely spiked our curiosity…

The facts behind this supplement – is it that effective? New lean

The Formula

The ingredient mix can make or break a product.  Does it contain proven ingredients in the blend? Is the formula strong enough to do the job?  So many supplements let themselves down with weak blends and ineffective ingredients.

Power Precision Lean Muscle is sold as a 100% natural proprietary blend and contains:

Unknown amounts of:

  • L-Arginine
  • Glutamine
  • Nitric Oxide

These are the only ingredients the manufacturers disclose

How To Take

There are no directions provided..  you have to order your first bottle to find out how many and how often to take.

Consumer Feedback

Sadly no independent user reviews could be found anywhere..  not even the official website offers feedback.

Side Effects

With no information to available, we have no way of knowing if Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula has caused any ill effects.

Where To Buy Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula

The only way at the moment to buy Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula is to sign up for a free trial… When you join their scheme, you will pay a small shipping charge, and you will receive a free months supply. If you are satisfied with the results, the makers will then ship you a new bottle each and every month month, and they will automatically take $74.95 from your credit card…

To cancel the order, you must return the bottle within the 14 day trial period if you are unhappy with the results.

Guarantees Offered

The makers tell us they give a 60 day money back guarantee and do assure the consumer that cancelling the auto ship program is straightforward.

Our Verdict

We are always wary of auto ship programs as they are often ridiculously hard to cancel.. We have lost count of the amount of times we have seen reports on the internet of people being charged month in month out for a product they know longer wanted or didn’t want in the first place..  In fact for some their only option was to close down the bank account and credit card to stop money being taken.. 

This we must stress may not be the case with Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula..  We are simply relaying a problem that has and does occur with some auto ship programs.

As there are no independent reviews available, we now look into the formula to see just how effective the product could be:

L-Arginine – Proven to increase nitric oxide levels – boosts blood flow to the muscle..  allows increased muscle mass and faster growth.

Glutamine – Aids performance and Stamina

Nitric Oxide – Vital to successful bodybuilding – Greatly increased levels do increase muscle growth. Also effective in improving erection quality.

How can we tell if it will be strong enough to give results?

All the above ingredients are proven to be effective if taken in the right quantities.. This is where the problem lies..  Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula does not give out the exact amounts of each ingredient.. How can we tell if it will be strong enough to give results? – Simply – We Cannot..

With the absence of any fat burning ingredients in the supplement – we also have to ask – How can it burn fat?? – Totally Confusing This One.….

Not Enough Information – We Simply Cannot Recommend  – Try Elsewhere

Our Suggestion

If you want to cut fat and boost energy levels then look no further..  Our top rated fat burner – Instant Knockout is loadediko3 with proven fat burning ingredients and has a proven track record for boosting energy..  They fully disclose their ingredient mix and with world wide availability and 90 day cash back guarantee it makes it a front runner to try..   You are not tied to an auto ship program, simply order the amount you want when you want. – There are discounts and even free bottles on offer with larger orders

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