Lipozene Diet Pill Review

Lipozene Diet Pill Review

Whipping Your Fat Into Shape With Lipozene

Whipping your fat into shape takes a lot of discipline, hard work and perseverance… and even then it’s not guaranteed.

But help is at hand if you’re looking to banish the love handles and get svelte– Lipozene boasts what it says is a clinically proven fat burning formula that creates a sense of fullness that last hours, making it easier than ever for you to step away from the chocolate and put some serious time in at the gym.

But in such a saturated market, how can you be sure you’re choosing a diet supplement that delivers the goods? We put Lipozene under the microscope.

Lipozene’s Formula

Lipozene contains a 1,500mg proprietary blend – unfortunately what this actually contains is shrouded in mystery and all we know is that it contains amorphophallus konjac. (this might be a reference to the Konjac plant – a source of glucomannan, a natural dietary fibre known for its appetite suppressing qualities) – but the fact is that we cant be sure…

This doesn’t sit very well with us, as proprietary blends always make us wonder what the manufacturer has to hide.

Directions For Use

Things are nice and simple here – take two capsules each day, 30 minutes before eating and with plenty of water. You can take a third capsules if you’re looking for serious results.

User Reviews

Unfortunately while there are some positive reviews from people who have tried Lipozene, the majority of reviews are negative. Many people say that this supplement is a waste of money and doesn’t produce any results in terms of weight loss or appetite suppression. These people haven’t lost a single pound and say the supplement is a complete and utter waste of money.

There is some positive stuff – some people report decent results in terms of rapid weight loss, however none of these reviews seems especially detailed… always a bit of a warning sign for us!

Reported Side Effects

While there’s lots of negative sentiment around this supplement, we haven’t actually seen any reports of dodgy side effects, which is something!

Where To Buy Lipozene is your best bet here – buy straight from the manufacturer and you can get a one-month supply for us $29.95. You’ll also benefit from a buy one get one free promotion as of today. Shipping appears to be free.

You can also find this supplement on

Cashback Guarantee?

If you buy Lipozene directly from the manufacturer, you’re protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see impressive results. Simply get in touch with customer services (a nominal processing fee applies).

This policy doesn’t apply if Lipozene is purchased from a third party company.

Our Thoughts

By keeping the details of the formula to themselves, the makers of Lipozene do nothing to encourage users to buy their product…for all you know, you could be buying a placebo capsule, and judging by the majority of the feedback, it seems pretty likely…

If, and its a big ‘If’. Lipozene does contain glucomannan, it is a proven appetite suppressant, but it has no fat burning properties.

Manufacturers who are completely transparent about their formulas have nothing to hide, those who don’t obviously do… Lipozene is one product that we strongly suggest that you avoid, you don’t really know what you are putting in your body and quite frankly, taking all the reviews into count, its pretty certain that you will be wasting your money….

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