One Hour Full Body Workout

One Hour Full Body Workout

By Guest Writer Ryan Crawley

We all have been there. Something has come up in our busy lives so we have had to skip the gym for a week. We have to leave town for business or vacation and we know we can’t get any workouts in during this time. One last workout is all we can think about. But which body part do we train?

Instead of just training one body part for your last workout, train all your major muscle groups in a one hour session….

One grueling, muscle building workout that will leave you feeling less guilty about not being able to train for the next week.


Deadlifts are a compound movement that work your back, legs, core, and shoulders. Usually you would do these as one of your first exercises during back day while you are still fresh. However, all of the exercises for this full body workout are compound movements, so all involve multi-joints and all will be demanding. It will not matter what order you do these movements because all will be tough.

Bench Press

Flat bench press is a staple in every bodybuilder’s routine. It involves your chest, triceps, back, shoulders, and core. It does not matter if you do the barbell bench press or the dumbbell bench press, you will still be working the same muscle groups.

Overhead Standing Barbell Press

One of the best exercises that a person can do in the gym. Many times it is forgotten by even old school fitness enthusiasts. But it will strengthen your back, shoulders, core, triceps, and legs. Quite a few people do these sitting down with dumbbells since they can lift more weight using a back supported bench. However, the standing barbell press is more of a full body workout.


Pull-ups are challenging even for gym goers that have been training for years. A bodyweight exercise that is strenuous if you are carrying around a bit of extra weight. Back, lats, and biceps are all conditioned in this movement.

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

If you are not going to be able to workout for the next week, you definitely have to hit your biceps before you go. A punishing dumbbell bicep curl routine is something that I call “Running the Gauntlet”. Start with the dumbbells that you can at least do five reps with. Do the five reps, and then immediately go on to the next dumbbells that are five pounds less and do five more reps. Only take a ten second break after each five rep set and then go on to the next set of dumbbells that are five pounds less. Do this all the way until you finish with the five pound dumbbells. Your arms will be toast, but it doesn’t matter. You have a full week to recover!


Squats are the staple of everybody’s leg workout. There is a reason you start with squats on leg day. It takes the most out of you. It also is a total full body workout.


Finish your workout with doing some core work. Planks not only work the core, but also legs, back, shoulders, and chest. It is basically a push-up form, and we all remember from gym class how tough push-ups can be.

Complete three sets of planks while holding them as long as you can. Once again, you have a full week before you step into the gym again, so might as well make it excruciating.

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