Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel XT

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2015)

New Improved Battle Fuel XT

Muscle Pharm are a well know sports supplement provider, their original testosterone booster Battle Fuel has been sold across the world and has been used by thousands of body builders all seeking increased muscle mass and663-671-the supplements lab muscle pharm battle fuel xt strength.

Battle Fuel was loved by many but also had its critics, we wondered whether the new formula – Battle Fuel XT has addressed any concerns.

It Looks Encouraging…

The new ‘improved’ Battle Fuel XT has been marketed as ‘An Advanced 4 Stage Testosterone Support System’ that has been formulated to enhance ‘everything male’ in its users.


Battle Fuel XT has been split into four proprietary formulas:

  1. Testosterone Amplifier – magnesium, Mucuna Pruriens and D-Aspartic Acid
  2. Testosterone Activator – N-Acetyl Carnitine, Curcuigo Orchiodes and Anacyclus Pyrethtrum.
  3. Anti-Aromotase And Estrogen Supression Matrix – Indole-3-carbonal and Diindolylmethane
  4. Muscle Growth Complex – Maca, Suma Extract and Propionyl Carnitine

The amounts of the ingredients per dose are only specified in a few cases – most importantly D-Aspartic Acid (3000mg) and Vit D 600iu


Four tablet twice a day = 8 per day

musclepharm-battle-fuel-xt-supplement-factsUsers Feedback

As a newish product, reviews are still scarce, however those that we spoke to did report a general feeling of more energy, strength and slight increase in muscle mass.

Only down side was that many felt that 8 pills is a lot to take each day – (the original Battle Fuel dosing was 6)

Side Effects

The Original Formula was linked to a number of side effects that included stomach upset, wind, acne, increased anger and aggression and mood swings.

It also had some more worrying effects of causing irregular or racing heart rate in some users.

The new improved formula has it seems addressed most of these these issues.

A Great Improvement

Where To Buy Battle Fuel XT

Available from selected stores, prices range from $30.00 to $ 59.99

Our vote for Best Buy is Muscle and strength .com who currently sell for $30.99

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MusclePharm Battle Fuel XT – 160 Capsules


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Our Thoughts

Muscle Pharm are a respected manufacturer who make some great products, they appear to have listened to the concerns with the original Battle Fuel, and this improved version seems to now tick most boxes. the only two things stopping us including it in our top 3 is the manufacturers refusal to disclose the full details of the formulation plus regretfully the lack of any cash back guarantee..

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