Marine Muscle Gunner Review

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2018)

Marine Muscle Gunner Review

Ready To Go For It In The Gym?

Fancy trying a brand new premium supplement that’s military grade and made in the USA?

Marine Muscle has entered the market all guns blazing, with a catalogue of products claiming to help you achieve next level results across the bulking, cutting and strength building cycles. 

Today we’re having a look at Gunner, a potent pre-workout booster that claims to deliver ‘explosive’ energy and power to fuel:

  • Intense fat burn
  • Better stamina
  • Improved vascularity
  • Increased strength
  • Faster recover

It does this by helping the body’s muscle tissue retain higher amounts of nitrogen, giving the body a powerful dose of inflammatory and antioxidant benefits and upping the amount of red blood cells in the body to increase vascularity and give you the power to work out harder.

Let’s take a closer look…

Marine Muscle Gunner’s Formula

We always think it’s a clear sign of a solid manufacturer (and product!) when supplement formulas are fully disclosed – so we’re pretty happy here!

What’s more, while the formula has a simple make-up of natural ingredients, it certainly looks powerful. Here’s what’s at play:

  • Beta sitosterol (600mg)
  • Samento inner bark (300mg)
  • Nettle leaf extract (300mg)
  • Pepsin (75mg)
  • Tumeric (180mg)

How To Take Marine Muscle Gunner

Take three capsules with water 45 minutes before working out. Make sure you do this for a maximum of 60 days for best effect.

User Reviews

As this product is brand-spanking new on the market, there are no third party user testimonials available just yet. That said, the initial signs all look good, so we look forward to seeing what real life users have to say about Gunner. and will post details here as they appear…

Reported Side Effects

As yet, there’s no negative side effects linked to Gunner, and as the formula is full of natural ingredients, we do not expect to see any problems appearing

Where To Buy Marine Muscle Gunner

At this stage Marine Muscle’s products are only available directly from the manufacturer at A one month supply will set you back $69.99. you can also buy stacks based on your goals… these are currently offered on a buy 1 get 1 free deal… which is GREAT VALUE

Cash Back Guarantee?

There’s not much on offer here – you can return unused, unopened product to the manufacturer if you contact them within 7 days, but the guarantee only applies to unopened products

Our Thoughts

Look, we can’t make any promises as this product is hot on the market, but we certainly think that all of the initial signs are promising.

The manufacturer is clearly credible and has invested heavily in its products, branding and website, which offers great user experience, plenty of information and fast delivery.

We’re also fans of the formula – there are no secretive proprietary blends here, and the ingredient list while small, is packed full of hard-hitters.

We’re looking forward to hearing what real life users think….

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