Limitless Cut Fat Burner Review

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2017)

Limitless Cut Fat Burner Review

Limitless Fat Burning – Fact or Fiction?

You’ve seen the film. Now it’s time for the fat burner.

Imagine if like the movie Limitless, there was a single tablet that worked not on the mind, but on the body, to turn it into an endless fat burning machine.

Sounds tempting, right? Well say hello to Limitless Cut.

This US-made thermogenic fat burner harnesses a unique blend of powerful natural ingredients like garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones and acai berry to supress the appetite and burn fat throughout the day without any dodgy side effects. What’s more, it promises to get to work quickly, with visible results for both men and women is as little as three or four weeks.

Oh, and then there’s promises of less stress, reduced anxiety, greater confidence and feeling more composed throughout the day. That’s a lot of promises!

Let’s see if it delivers…

Limitless Cut’s Formula

Things really aren’t off to a good start here – whether it’s on the Amazon product listing or elsewhere, we know that the formula is made up as a largely proprietary blend totalling 600mg, but they are not transparent about how much of any (bar one) of the ingredients is in the mix…. This is really unimpressive – basically the manufacturer is expecting people to put something in their bodies that they know absolutely nothing about. Not cool.

We know that the product contains unknown quantities of:

  • Acai fruit
  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Mango Extract
  • Plus Calcium at 400mg

Direction For Use

Take two capsules per day for weight loss and three or four capsules per day for extreme weight loss. When these should be taken and what with, however, isn’t disclosed – again, not very helpful.

User Feedback

The lack of information the manufacturer offers around this supplement is mirrored by a complete lack of user reviews too.

We’ve only managed to track down four real-life user testimonials, and they really don’t help us paint a clear picture. One is fully in praise of the supplement and says it helps with food cravings and shedding the fat, the second is in the middle of the road and cites marginal changes in body fat levels and two other say the product doesn’t do anything and that it’s a waste of money.

All in all, not that helpful!

Reported Side Effects

Diarrhoea and hot flashes are mentioned by one user, but that’s the only report of negative and unpleasant side effects we’ve managed to track down.

Where To Buy Limitless Cut Fat Burner is the key stockist here. You can pick up a tub of 60 tablets for the bargain price of $16.99 here. What’s more, if you’re looking to stock up, there are a couple of discounts on offer for bulk buys:

  • Save 20% when you purchase two
  • Save 30% when you purchase three or more

Cashback Guarantee?

Given the lack of information on most fronts here, we’re not surprised to see that there’s no manufacturer guarantee mentioned here if you’re not happy with the product.

Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that some of the ingredients in the mix are (when taken in the right amounts) effective fat burning compounds… our problem is that without knowing how much of anything is in the mix, its impossible to know if there is actually enough for it to have any real effect..Our honest belief is that there isn’t….

If you are trying your first fat burner, or have very little weight lo lose, you just might see some very mild benefits from using this product… but quite frankly, its our opinion hat its weakly formulated and very likely to be ineffective for most users..

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