Jym Alpha Jym Review

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2015)

Jym Alpha Jym Review

Does The Latest Product from Jim Stoppani Really Work??

JYM Supplement Science Products is the brainchild of Jim Stoppani PhD and we have to admit they do usually make some effective products.  JYM are so popular they regularly appear in the best sellers lists around the world.image_prodprod1790010_largeImage_X_450_white

Alpha Jym is a naturally formulated Testosterone Booster said to help men to acquire stronger, larger muscles and help guys suffering from low testosterone production which can and often does occur from our 30’s and beyond.

The Formula

Ingredients are only as good as their correct amounts..  Are they effective? have they been fully researched?  Not enough of the right ingredients spells a total waste of your time, effort and money!

Alpha Jym has a fully disclosed mix – so far so good – many manufacturers prefer to hide behind ‘complexes, matrixes or blends..  which tells us what???

Each dose contains:

  • Damiana 500mg
  • DIM ) Diindolymethane 250mg
  • Fenugreek 500mg
  • Eurycoma Longifolia 100mg
  • Quercetin 250mg
  • Aswagandha 500mg

alpha-jym-ingredientsHow To Take

If you are training – take 3 capsules with a meal twice daily, one dose an hour before training.. if you are not training or you are on rest days, take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 before going to bed.

Consumer Feedback

bodybuilding.com, one their main suppliers has plenty of reviews, with a virtual 50/50 split for and against.. you would expect this to be honest as you certainly wont please all of the people all of the time..  it has to be said though quite a few users are disappointed and report poor results.

Alpha Jym is probably going to be a some do – some don’t product.  We leave this one as a maybe…

Side Effects

There have been no reports of adverse effects from users taking Alpha Jym..  However – Some of the ingredients could be associated with possible side effects – Ashwaganda for example has been known to cause redness and discolouration of the penis when taken to increase libido..

Where To Buy Alpha Jym

Available to purchase from many popular online stockists..  bodybuilding.com currently sell a months supply of Alpha Jym for $29.95 (usual price $68.98)

Any Guarantees

There are none provided by the manufacturer

Our Verdict

With an almost 50/50 split on consumer feedback..  an in depth look at the formula is our only real way of seeing just how effective Alpha Jym could be..

Fenugreek has some clinical proof behind it backing up its testosterone boosting claims, and is found in many of the better T-boosters..

When we check out the rest of the ingredients, the story is actually rather different…

Damiana – has shown in trials to have an aphrodisiac type effect.. that said, almost all trials have been carried out on rodents… It has failed to demonstrate any t-boosting effects, but can help control estrogen which is useful.

DIM – another largely untested ingredients…. can help control Estrogen (like Damiana) but so far has failed to show any solid testosterone boosting properties

Eurycoma Longifolia – (AKA Longjack) banned in some countries including the UK, known for its ability to help boost libido and sexual function.. not so known for its ability to boost testosterone, which in tests has only really been of any benefit to men with hypogonadism… healthy bodybuilders did not see any benefits whatsoever.

Ashwangandha – known for its ability to reduce stress, but any testosterone boosting effects are again largely limited to men with extremely low testosterone ( much like longjack) it has also been linked to some quite unpleasant side effects – redness, burning and itching of the penis head has been recorded in some male users.

Quercetin – Very little human testing has been done on this ingredient… seems to be an effective anti-estrogenic, and has shown a very slight ability to boost testosterone in rats..

Products from the Jym range are normally pretty good.. that said, we do feel that this one falls short of the mark in both claims and the fomula.

May be of benefit to guys with libido issues, but others will probably be disappointed..

Why Not

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