Iron Addicts Will Power Review

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2017)

Iron Addicts Will Power Review

Willpower = The Secret To Shedding The Fat?

If you’re trying to cut the fat and get lean and ripped, you’ll know as well as we do that it can feel like a huge, often impossible task.

Whether it’s lack of motivation to get down to the gym, inability to resist pesky late night cravings or frustrating plateaus that make you wonder why you’re bothering, there are myriad obstacles in the way to getting lean and toned.

Iron Addicts Will Power claims to help you:

  • Burn fat
  • Get lean and shredded
  • Supress the appetite
  • Increase energy levels for killer workouts
  • Gain the mental edge to keep going
  • Give you better moods

Ready to crush your workouts? Let’s see if Will Power delivers the goods.

Will Power’s Formula

The manufacturer fully discloses what’s on offer here – including the exact quantities of what’s included. And there are plenty of proven fat burners and thermogenics in the mix here too. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Green tea extract (500mg)
  • Choline bitartrate (500mg)
  • Caffeine (250mg)
  • 2aminoisoheptane (100mg)
  • Eria jarensis extract (100mg)
  • Theacrine (50mg)
  • Rauwolscine (2mg)

Directions For Use

Serving size is two capsules per day, but the manufacturer doesn’t offer any real guidelines as to wether they should be taken separately or together… Some independent users feedback often says that one capsule a day is plenty, so it may be worth starting with that and seeing how you fare with it.

User Feedback

Reviews from users (on amazon) who have tried Will Power are really positive. Most say that this product delivers on its promises, and users have experienced strong, noticeable results in terms of appetite suppression, fat loss, increased energy levels, better focus and ability to hit weight loss goals.

Other say this supplement makes them feel ‘invincible’, and that it’s helped them do more in the gym and achieve solid gains.

People also like that this product doesn’t cause any jitters or the shakes.. another major pro.

** We would like to point out, however that Amazon does have a reputation for using professional reviewers who are given products for free in return for a positive review… We are not saying that this is the case with this particular product, but its worth bearing in mind when considering the accuracy and validity of users feedback..

Reported Side Effects

One person reports experiencing nausea and sickness when taking Will Power, but we can’t track down any other reports of this. This product is high in stimulants so may not be suitable for anybody with an intolerance to caffeine and similar ingredients..

Where To Buy Will Power Fat Burner

While this product is stocked by the manufacturer at IronAddicts it’s currently sold out. Never fear, though – you can pick this fat burner up at Amazon for £59.99 for a tub of 60 capsules.

Cashback Guarantee?

Things are pretty unclear here – the manufacturer’s website doesn’t mention a risk-free guarantee as such, but does say if you’re not happy with its supplements to get in touch and they will attempt to an offer a solution. Elsewhere there doesn’t appear to be any guarantees offered

Our Thoughts

This product is high in stimulants but little else which does mean that you will feel a short lived burst of energy while on this product (which can often wear off quite quickly leaving you feeling ‘flat’ and jaded..) what it can also do however is have an adverse reaction on anybody who has an intolerance to caffeine and the like.. If you cannot tolerate caffeine, we do suggest that you give this one a miss.

We reserve our biggest concern for the fact that the makers have included Rauwolscine.. part of the Yohimbe family, this ingredient (Yohimbe) is banned in many countries outside the US because of its links to some nasty, potentially dangerous side effects… although currently still legal for sale in the US, it does feature on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list..

Personally we would never EVER recommend anything containing Yohimbe or anything related to it. its health risks are simply too great…

Potentially dangerous ingredient – One to miss…

We strongly suggest that you look elsewhere and as a good starting point, check out our top rated fat burners list – Click Here


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