Improve Your Workouts With Nootropics

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2018)

Improve Your Workouts With Nootropics

Love Your Brain, And Your Body Will Love You!

While pre-workout supplements and protein shakes can be a powerful weapon in the arsenal for those looking to get in shape, bulk up and defeat tough workouts, there’s another area that is often overlooked – the brain. It may not seem obvious, but the healthier your brain is, the better your body is able to stay motivated, focused and capable of enduring high intensity exercise. Put simply, a healthy brain equals a healthy body.7-deadly-bodybuilding-sins_f

Yet while we ply our bodies with vitamins, minerals, superfoods, detoxes and everything in between, we don’t really do the same for our brains. So how can you boost your brain’s health?

Boost Focus

Well, saying hello to nootropics, also known as smart pills, is a great option. These powerful pills are a great way to boost focus, memory and generally ensure that your mind is razor sharp, and work by increasing the efficiency of the brain’s numerous neurotransmitters to truly optimise your brain’s power. By carefully controlling the rate that essential neurotransmitters are produced and released, nootropics can have a real, tangible impact on how our body undertakes a whole spectrum of important processes.

But how does this relate to working out? Well, the better the brain’s neurotransmitters are functioning, the better job the brain does of communicating with the body, making it easier to triumph over challenging workouts and see real results from your exercise.


lifting_brainThis also means that nootropics can influence everything from motivation levels to endurance to take your performance at the gym to the next level.

Motivation can be the difference between a gym routine that delivers serious results to one that never leaves the ground, and there are a number of nootropics tailored to support motivation, attention levels and wakefulness or alertness.

Other nootropics are designed to target the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which not only assists in learning and memory but also helps the body with muscle control and balance, endurance levels and reflex speed.

Need more convincing? Nootropics can also help reduce stress and anxiety levels by targeting the GABA transmitter, which inhibits nerve transmission in the brain to calm nervous activity, making working out a breeze.

Even the most diehard gym goer can hit frustrating plateaus, so if you’re regularly working out, taking a protein supplement or pre-workout and still feel like you’re not making the most of your workouts, maybe what you actually need is a little pep-up in the brain department. Why not add a nootropic into your workout routine? It could be that extra push you need to truly smash your2015-08-29 11.20.35 targets.


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