Hydroslim Preworkout Drink Review

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2017)

Hydroslim – The Unisex Pre-Workout Drink

Respected supplement manufacturers Evolution Slimming have released a rather tasty pre workout drink that is suitable for both men and women gym-HydroSlim-Thermogenic-Enhancing-Matrix-116g-Evolution-Slimming-300x300goers…

Promising to provide that energy kick required to give you the maximum from your workouts.. its a good way to start the day even when you are not exercising… a  glass of Hydraslim will give you an energy boost and help you focus at work (or play)

The Formula In Hydroslim

The makers advertise the full list of ingredients, but these are put together in an undisclosed matrix blend – we do not know the actual amounts of each of the key ingredients in the mix..

Each Serving Contains

  • Gamma Butyrobetaine
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Tyrosine
  • Wild Nutmeg
  • Caffeine
  • Gugglestone
  • Salacia Reticulata

Directions For Using Hydroslim

Mix one scoop with 300-400mls of cold water, mix well and drink 15-30 minutes before working out ( or at any time during days when you are not exercising and want that little bit extra energy)


Users Reports

As a newish product, independent reviews are not yet available… we will post some information as these become available

Any Side Reports

No side effects have been reported… We must advise however that as the product contains caffeine, it could cause restlessness or sleeping problems if taken too late in the day


Where To Buy

Hydroslim is available directly from the official website – Evolutionslimming.com…. a tub containing 20 serves will cost you £19.99 ( this currently works out at $31.21 or € 27.97 for overseas buyers)

The makers ship worldwide and give a 30 day cash back guarantee on all orders – not happy? return within 30 days for a full refund.

Our Thoughts

Hydroslim is a very good, albeit basic pre workout drink that is equally suitable for both men and women… it mixes well, and tastes really nice.. there is currently just one flavour – Orange, but we understand that they are thinking of releasing some other flavours too.

Despite the fact that the makers do not fully disclose the ingredient amounts, you can rest assured that Evolution Slimming do have a well earned reputation for supplying top rate supplements, and anything bought from them usually delivers on its promises…

From our own perceptive, we found that Hydroslim delivered a noticeable boost in energy… it was kind of short lived ( about an hour and a half or so) but there was no noticeable energy crash as it wore off and the effects lasted plenty long enough to allow us to have a really effective and powerful workout….

Certainly Worth A Try!!

You Can Order Hydroslim By Clicking Here To Be Taken To The Official Website

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