How To Get Shoulders Like Atlas

How To Get Shoulders Like Atlas

By Our Guest Writer Ryan Crawley

When I speak of having shoulders like Atlas, I do not mean former professional wrestler Tony Atlas (although he was totally jacked and had great shoulders). I am instead bringing your attention to the mythological Greek god Atlas who can be seen in statues carrying the weight of the world upon his shoulders. The story goes he held the world upon his shoulders for eternity. Just think how massive his shoulders must have been!

We also want to focus on the best exercises that will have your shoulders ripped like Atlas. Big strong shoulders is what every man’s goal should be, and also what every woman would want in her man (she probably would like other things as well like a steady job, nice teeth, and a bit of money in the bank).

It rounds out the physique and can protect your shoulders against injury. Rotator cuff injuries become frequent as you get older. Strengthening the muscles around your joints also will make your joints stronger as well.

Barbell Overhead Press

Also known as the standing military press, this shoulder exercise is a compound movement that basically works out your entire body. Compound movements are difficult and strenuous, but yields great results. I would rank this in the top five of all weight lifting exercises. Most people perform this in the squat rack. Use proper form in a controlled movement and watch your shoulders, and your entire body, get stronger.

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press

Exchanging the bar for the dumbbells ensures each side of your body is working independently. Also, with this movement being seated, there is a bit more of a rigid form with the legs taken out of the equation. Stabilizer muscles will be firing away as seated overhead dumbbell presses make it possible for more of a range of motion. You can lift the dumbbells up over your head and bring them together. It is quite possible that you will be able to go a bit heavier on these than the standing barbell press because the bench seat provides you with better support.

Upright Row

The upright row is a multi-joint movement that can be performed by using a barbell, cables, or the Smith machine. All work the middle delts similarly. Perform each one of these types of upright rows and determine which one you like the best. It appears at the gym most people do this exercise with a close grip, but a wider grip actually works the delts better. Incorporate it into your shoulder workout continuously.

Machine Rear-Delt Fly

Rear-delts often are undertrained. It is a single joint exercise that will strengthen the back of your shoulder. While pressing your chest firmly against the pad, have your arms continuously bent during this movement.

Try to squeeze your shoulder blades together as you are extending out.

This is one of the rare times I would recommend using a machine over free weights because dumbbell rear-delt flyes can feel a bit awkward as you are bending over to perform them.


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