Hourglass Fat Burner Review

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2018)

Hourglass Fat Burner Review

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We Check Out The Latest Hype-Free Fat Burner For Women

In a world full of marketing hype and false promises, it’s refreshing to find a product that doesn’t follow the masses.

Hourglass fat burner is the latest product from established supplement manufacturer Propura Ltd. A specially formulated, and some would say unique product, it has been developed strictly for women who want to lose weight. 


It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of weight to lose, or simply want to tone and get rid of those final few pounds, Hourglass and its female friendly formula can certainly do the job.

It does it without resorting to the all too common marketing hype and unsubstantiated claims too. It is what it is – A hype free, female fat burner that really works.

The Formula In Hourglass Fat Burner

hourglass ingredients

Hourglass fat burner contains a mix of all natural compounds, minerals and vitamins, it delivers proven metabolism enhancers (that trigger the natural fat burning process) alongside one of the most studied appetite suppressing ingredients.

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The makers fully disclose whats in the mix, there are no undisclosed or mysterious proprietary blends here.

Each Serving includes:

Vitamin B12 10mcg – Vit B12 is crucial to the metabolism of fatty acids, and turning fat into energy, it helps to increase blood flow and is also recognised for its ability to help guard against poor moods and fatigue.

Vitamins B6 4mg – Turns glycol into glucose in the body, delivering a useful form of energy to the body. Also used for its ability to increase the metabolic rate

Vitamin D3  1000iu – An essential vitamin which is actually a hormone. Has many health benefits. Low levels of Vitamin D3 have been linked to increased levels of body fat. Increasing it by supplementation is recognised as the best way to raise levels. Vitamin D is gated naturally by exposure to sunlight, but unless you live in a country with high levels of daily sunlight, its difficult to maintain optimum levels without supplementation. Hourglass contains good amount of Vitamin D3.

Capsimax 100mg – An extract of capsicum taken from red chilli peppers, one of the first proven thermogenics, increasing the metabolism by thermogenesis (the slight increasing of body temperature) it naturally encourages the body to burn stored fat for energy

Glucomannan 1500mg – An intensley studied and clinically recommended appetite suppressant, a water soluble natural dietary fibre that slows the emptying of the stomach, leaving you feeling fuller for longer and less likely to snack between meals,

Green Tea Extract 500mg – Green Tea has a lengthy list of health benefits – it is a powerful antioxidant, that clears away natural toxins, and helps your bodies metabolism to operate ,ore effectively – this increases the amount of body fat that is burnt for energy.

Green tea is also high in Catechin polyphenols that help the muscles and liver to process and use fat cells for energy. It also reduces the amount of fat retaining triglyceride in your body.

Guarana 100mg – A natural stimulant similar in the way it works to caffeine. Proven to boost metabolism and speed fat burning. It also has a diuretic effect which means it helps guard against water retention and the bloating that it can cause.

Chromium 125mcg – Helps to control blood sugar levels, and ensuring that insulin transports amino and fatty acids plus glucose into the cells as required. Also helps to reduce cravings and support fat loss.

Bioperine 5mg – This extract of black pepper is one of the most crucial parts of the formula, it works to increase the bioavailability, absorption and effects of the key ingredients.

How To Take Hourglass Fat Burner

taking hourglass fat burner

The manufacturers recommend taking 1 capsule with breakfast, a second with lunch and the final capsule with your evening meal.

What Do Users Say About Hourglass Fat Burner?

As a relatively new product there isn’t a lot of independent feedback available just yet. 

We have read reports and testimonials from some of the women involved in the development and trialing of Hourglass fat burner. They all spoke very highly of the product and its fat burning effects.

Reports included Increased energy, reduced cravings and fast noticeable fat loss without the unpleasant side effects that you can experience with other products that are high in caffeine.

Users enjoyed the fact that it helped them get more from their workouts with improved performance and better results.

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no reports of any side effects from anybody who has used Hourglass fat burner.

Where Can I Buy Hourglass Female Fat Burner

The manufactures sell directly from their official website (hourglassfit.com). It is not available from any other sources. The makers prefer to have complete control so they can offer their customers the best value for money, efficient customer service and a full and inclusive 60 day cash back guarantee on all orders.

There are several packages available, you can start with a months supply which will cost you $50.00 ( £30).

 For best value, we do suggest the “Perfect Deal’ which for $150.00 (£90) gives you 3 boxes plus a 4th box FREE.

All orders are shipped worldwide (with a few exceptions) at no extra cost.

Our Final Thoughts On Hourglass Fat Burner

It’s clear that the makers of Hourglass fat burner know their subject. 

The cleverly developed all natural female friendly formula, its effectiveness, the lack of side effects and positive feedback all tell us that Hourglass is a special product indeed. 

Its very effective at reducing body fat. It is safe to take for as required, and the added protection of a lengthy cash back guarantee demonstrates the makers belief in their product and their desire for complete user satisfaction.

It’s early days, but we feel that Hourglass could be the best female fat burner out there.

Why Not Give It A Try?

You Can Buy Hourglass Fat Burner Direct From hourglassfitcom

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