GAT Nitraflex Review

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2018)

GAT Nitraflex Review

Can GAT Nitraflex Really Boost Both Energy And Testosterone??

With an estimated 1 million bottles sold in 3 years, its obvious that GAT Nitraflex is a hugely popular product….A natural Preworkout Supplement with the added ability to boost testosterone?? Sounds too good to be true really.

Intrigued, we have taken a good, hard look at this product and this is what we found..


The Claims

GAT’s marketing tells us that Nitraflex is:

  • The Worlds Most Potent Pre-Workout Formula
  • Provides Explosive Pumps
  • Enhances Testosterone Production
  • Free Of Creatine – Dose not Cause Bloating Or Water Retention


Ideally developed for the more experienced bodybuilder, especially those who have hit a plateau in their workouts and results.

The Formula In Nitraflex

The Formula is made up of three proprietary blends – totalling 7365mg per serving. The makers list the actual ingredients, but prefer to keep the amounts of each per serving to themselves.

These include a mix of amino acids, alongside a mix of natural stimulants, plus an extract of boron

See Bottle Label:


Users Feedback – Does Gat Nitraflex Work

There is a wide mix of reviews… there are many positives with users reporting improved energy, pumps and recovery…

on the negative side, there are quite a few users who failed to see any results whatsoever..

on Amazon there was also a rather staggering number of guys who had bought this, only to be sent out of date products…..This may be an amazon problem only, but just keep an eye out if you buy..

Is Gat Nitraflex Safe

There have been reports of headaches, sickness, and a noticeable energy crash.. one guy told us that he nearly ended up in ER after taking this supplement (but we have no proof that Nitraflex was to blame)


Where To Buy GAT Nitraflex

Pretty Much everywhere, Amazon, GNC, bodybuilding[dot]com… expect to pay anything between $26 and the suggested selling price of $ $62.99 for a tub contain 30 servings

Any Cash Back Guarantees?

Sadly there are none provided

Our Thoughts

We are always sceptical of products that claim to do two things. Usually we have found that if you want (for example) an energy booster, then you need to take a pre workout supplement. If you want to boost testosterone, take a t-booster.

Its not often that dual purpose supplements actually contain enough of the effective ingredients for them to have any true effect..

Calcium Fructoborate is a form of Boron, which has in trials demonstrated some quite good increases in testosterone levels.

With Nitraflex, the issue is that we do not know just how much is in the mix….so we have no idea if it contains sufficient amounts for it to actually have any effect.

There is no doubt that the good mix of amino acids in the mix will provide a boost to energy..

Its a shame however that the makers prefer to hide the actual amounts of each individual ingredient in the mix – that would give us a more clearer indication of just how good (or bad) this supplement really is.

We are however concerned by the inclusion of one ingredient.. on the list it is shown as Raulwolscine….

This is a source of yohimbine – an alkaloid that is actually banned in some countries, and although still technically allowed in the US, is actually on the FDA’s list of dangerous ingredients… Taking this ingredient has been linked to some nasty side effects that include:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Dizzyness
  • Arrhythmia ( Irregular Heart Rate)
  • Renal Failure


For this reason.. we simply cannot recommend Nitraflex. It might be popular, but for us, the potential for health risks, still outweighs any possible benefits.

We Suggest

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