Epiq Test Testosterone Booster Review

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2015)

Epiq Test Testosterone Booster Review

Will Epiq Test Work For You?

GNC have added a new testosterone product to their range.  Epiq Test is aimed at boosting testosterone levels.  For both bodybuilder and athletes alike the makers tell us it helps to more muscle, while also helping older men who are suffering the effects of low testosterone giving them 300

  • Testosterone Levels Boosted
  • Increased Strength
  • Enhanced Libido

The manufacturers claim their formula is a Powerful Testosterone Amplifier with just 1 capsule taken daily.

What’s In The Formula

One Capsule Of Epiq Test contains:

  • Tribulus Terrestris 350mg
  • Boron 200mg
  • Maca Root 100g
  • Calcium 50mg
  • Phystosterols 50mg
  • Fenugreek 50mg
  • Safed Musil Tuber 50mg
  • Stinging Nettle 100mg

prd_test_suppfactsHow To Take Epiq Test

Take One Capsule a day with 8oz of water

Customer Feedback

The GNC website has varied results with some reviews singing Epiq Test’s praises, others felt that they wasted their money as it just didn’t work for them.

Nothing new here as with many products – Its not going to work for everyone

Where Can I Buy Epiq Test

GNC look to be the main stockist but there are other online sources including Amazon.

You should expect to pay between $69.00 and $79.00 for a 60 day supply

Cash Back Guarantees

There are none provided by the manufacturer

Our Verdict

Firstly looking at what is in the formula, it doesn’t have much in there to make us excited..

Aside from Fenugreek which when taken in the right amounts has been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels, none of the other ingredients that make up this supplement have shown any real proven results in t-boosting qualities.

Tests and trial have been carried out on this mix and even the main ingredient Tribulus terrestris (found in the majority of T boosters) has not shown any real results in boosting testosterone and muscle growth..  it can however have a positive effect on libido.

Stinging nettle could reduce estrogen levels, so all good there…  Maca root has been trialled with disappointing results, but could also be good for sex drive.  Boron also has not been proven to make much difference to testosterone levels.

Lacking In Proven T Boosting Ingredients

When weighing up the whole picture, Epiq Test does not live up to the hype..  Clinical trials have shown that this supplement simply doesn’t deliver enough power to increase testosterone levels and muscle strength.  For those interested in boosting their libido, this product could however be the answer.

There are many other products out there that are in fact – Better….

To find an effective testosterone booster, why not check out our list of top rated products that we feel give a good all round boost to strength, muscle tone and libido.

We have based our findings on:  Ingredient profile, customer feedback, possible side effects and value for money.

Full cash back guarantees ( supplied with some products) are also a good indication of the manufacturers belief and commitment to their products.

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