Dominant Testo Review

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2018)

Dominant Testo Review

Don’t Waste Your Money!

If you are researching or looking to buy a testosterone booster, you might well have heard of Dominant Testo. 

If you are even thinking about buying it, please read this review in full first.

It will save you lots of money, frustration and disappointment !!

dominant testo review

Dominant Testo is marketed as an all natural testosterone booster that claims that it will help you grow larger, stronger muscles in the gym. It can (according to the makers) help boost libido and reduce any unwanted body fat.

But the key question is – “Does Dominant Testo Really Work”? 

Lets Find Out.

The makers of claim that their product can help by:

  • Boosting Strength
  • Turbocharge sex drive and performance
  • Increase muscle mass fast
  • Reduce unwanted body fat
  • Maximise energy levels


These clams are not unusual, in fact any good t-booster should be able to help with all of these.

One thing that surprised us is the fact that this product is sold as a ‘Pre Workout Supplement. This is totally alien to all T-boosters. The majority of testosterone boosters are taken daily, as well as before training to help boost long term muscle building results.

According to the makers it helps to restore natural nutrients and prevents crashing after strenuous exercise.

Believe this at your peril! it is utter BS!!

T-boosters are used to provide all the above benefits without the need to turn to risky anabolic steroids.

The secret is in the formulas – while steroids and other synthetic testosterone treatments put foreign or man made synthetic testosterone into your body – which cause the body to react badly in many cases.

A well formulated natural testosterone booster will encourage and promote your body to manufacture more of your own natural testosterone. 

Because its your own natural hormone being increased , your body will not react against it, instead it will benefit from the increases hormone levels.

The Formula In Dominant Testo

The manufacturers fail to give much away on their official website, actually they prefer to hide pretty much all the information about their choice of ingredients.

We did manage to discover the actual ingredients themselves, but it’s not clear how much of each of them are in each serving.

We know that it contains:

Tribulus Terrestris – Well known and established traditional herb . Known for its ability to help boost sex drive and performance. Science has proven however that as a testosterone booster its ineffective and worthless.

Horny Goat Weed – Again, well recognised for its ability to help boost erection strength and overall sexual responses. There is no clinical evidence that shows any testosterone boosting effects.

Fenugreek – Bit of double edged sword this one, it is proven to help boost testosterone levels, (although studies used larger amounts than is in Dominant Testo. What it can do though is cause blood sugar issues in men with diabetes, so please check with your doctor before taking

Magnesium – A natural mineral with solid study backed testosterone boosting properties

Zinc – Proven to help improve semen production and overall fertility. Reduced levels of zinc are also linked to low testosterone, so maintaining healthy level is essential.

How To Take Dominant Testo

This bit of the puzzle is also missing. The makers give no clear instructions. 

There are 60 capsules in each bottle, so we assume that its 2 capsules per day

Users Feedback

User reviews are very hard to come by. In fact there are only a handful even on the official website. As you can see from the screenshot below, feedback is not very good:

dominate testo reviews

Any Reported Side Effects

The only real side effect is the damage to your bank balance and the feelings of frustration and disappointment.

Anybody with diabetes might experience blood sugar issues, so be aware of the risks if you suffer from this condition.

Where To Buy Dominant Testo

Our usual answer to this question is either from the official website, or perhaps amazon.

The last price quoted on the official website was an eye watering $95.00 for a months supply!!… BUT

It appears that the makers have discontinued the product, its currently being listed as ‘no longer available’.

Cash Back Guarantee?

The makers were offering a 14 day free trial, but with the question as to if its still available, this probably means that this does not apply.

Final Thoughts

We thought long and hard about finishing this review when we found out that the product has ( it appears) been discontinued, but in fairness to you all having read down so far, we would like to finish it off.

In our opinion, Dominant Testo is (or was) at best, a weakly formulated libido booster. It will NOT give you huge muscles, or give you vein bulging strength. In fact, apart from Magnesium and perhaps Fenugreek, it has no real testosterone boosting properties.

It is missing all the really essential t-boosting compounds such as Vitamin D3, B6, and D-aspartic acid (This alone has been proven in clinical trials to boost testosterone by up to 42% in just 12 days)

Unless a weak Libido is your only concern ( and you can find anybody with stock for sale) I would strongly say that you avoid this product at all costs. It will not help, and there are products out there that offer far better results and at a more affordable cost too.

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